Fire, Smoke & Water

Even a minimal fire can cause a lot of damage at a nonprofit. Here's how businessowners property insurance helped with the damages.

Vandalism & Malicious Mischief

How Business Personal Property insurance helped a nonprofit when unidentified person(s) maliciously caused a flood in their building.


An employee with ongoing productivity issues requested accommodation for health issues, and filed a complaint with an administrative body overseeing allegations of discrimination.

Catalytic Converter Theft

Thieves broke in and stole 18 catalytic converters off of a transportation nonprofit's fleet vehicles in a single night.

Copyright Infringement

A nonprofit that provides educational services faced numerous claims for copyright infringement.

Unsecured Wheelchair Death

An employee of the insured’s vendor providing transportation services was alleged to have failed to properly secure the client’s wheelchair. The wheelchair rolled down the decedent’s driveway, throwing the client from the chair — resulting in head injuries which led to death.


A payment clerk manufactured phony invoices to a pre-approved vendor with whom the clerk had an arrangement for sharing the profits.

Fire Loss

Fire broke out in a storage room and an investigation determined that faulty wiring in a coffee maker was the cause of the fire.

Hired Auto: Vehicle Used for Company Purposes

An employee of a nonprofit rented a vehicle for three days for business purposes of the foundation. When returning the vehicle to the rental company, damage was noticed on the vehicle.

Employee Driving Her Own Car

An employee of a nonprofit was using her own vehicle on agency business when she was involved in an at-fault accident.

Employee Driving His Own Car

A nonprofit’s employee was driving his own vehicle on agency business and was involved in an at-fault, catastrophic collision.

Right of Way

A nonprofit's driver failed to notice a motorcycle traveling down the highway, which had no stop sign and the right of way. The motorcycle crashed and the rider was injured.