A head for insurance. A heart for nonprofits.

That tagline says everything.

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) has 30+ years of expertise insuring nonprofits, and a commitment to supporting the real value that nonprofits create in communities everywhere.

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Insured by NIA:
Progressive Employment Concepts
Citrus Heights, CA

Nonprofits protecting nonprofits.

NIA exists only to serve the charitable nonprofit community.

Savings are passed on to nonprofits insured by NIA through fair and equitable pricing, free and highly discounted risk management services and, when results are better than expected, through the payment of generous dividends.

NIA now sets the standard for coverages and services for the nonprofit sector in the insurance marketplace.

NIA demonstrates the power of nonprofits working together.

For more than 30 years, NIA has been growing quietly within the nonprofit sector, helping nonprofits make efficient use of their insurance dollars and reducing accidents and injury.

By keeping nonprofit funds in our sector and working together to lower our risks, money is redirected into services in our communities that otherwise would end up as executive bonuses and shareholder profits.

“We have demonstrated in more than 30 years that nonprofits can more effectively and efficiently insure themselves by pooling their risks.

Working together, we have returned $50.1 million to the nonprofit sector, funds that otherwise would have become profits for the insurance industry.

Please join us. We are stronger together!”

– Pamela E. Davis, Founder, President and CEO

Who is Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA)?

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance® is the tradename for a group of insurers, each of which is a public-benefit 501(c)(3) nonprofit:

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Mission and history.

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance is a group of 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt insurers whose purpose is to serve 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations by providing a stable source of reasonably priced liability insurance tailored to the specialized needs of the nonprofit sector and to assist these organizations to develop and implement successful loss control and risk management programs.

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Insured by NIA:
Transitions-Mental Health Association
San Luis Obispo, CA

Values and ethics.

You’re nothing without ethics. Nonprofits Insurance Alliance is built on a foundation of doing the right thing at all levels.

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) is committed to supporting practices, systems, and structures that restore balance to the earth’s environment and equitable treatment for all people and groups — all of NIA’s operations are measured against that core commitment to social responsibility.

A woman and child planting something in the ground

Insured by NIA:
Project Food Forest
Sioux Falls, SD


NIA Updates is your go-to resource for staying informed with the latest news, articles, and valuable resources from Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA).

Explore our blog articles, press releases, news articles, and videos covering a wide range of topics, including risk management, legal updates, fundraising strategies, and inspiring stories from nonprofits.

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Insured by NIA:
Recovery Cafe
San Jose, CA


Access NIA’s current and previous annual reports, audited financials, and dividend plans.

Discover our commitment to social responsibility through socially responsible investment strategies.

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Insured by NIA:
Death Penalty Action
Ghent, NY


NIA’s committed Senior Leadership team efficiently manages a distributed workforce across 32 states, while the boards of directors, elected by member nonprofits, represent the diverse needs and commitment of the nonprofit sector.

The boards ensure good governance and actively participate in decision-making, while elections are held annually to select directors who bring valuable expertise and experience.

Smart Fit Girls

Insured by NIA:
Smart Fit Girls
Lakewood, CA


NIA provides meaningful work that empowers nonprofits to make a positive impact, whether through remote positions or a beautiful office in Santa Cruz.

NIA prioritizes sustainability, equity, fairness, and diversity, offering an extraordinary benefits package and opportunities for career growth while promoting a culture of respect and inclusivity.

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Insured by NIA:
One Brick
San Francisco, CA


Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) actively advocates for nonprofits at both the federal and state levels, pushing for legislative fixes like the Nonprofit Property Protection Act (NPPA) and tackling specific challenges in different regions.

From protecting your insurance coverage to promoting fairness, NIA is here to ensure your nonprofit gets the support it needs to thrive.

Two volunteers work together in the garden at Food First in Oakland, CA.

Insured by NIA:
Food First
Oakland, CA

A staff member and a volunteer share a hug as they work packing food at North Marin Community Services in Novato, CA
A volunteer server and a guest pose together at a free lunch for seniors put on by Community Bridges in Santa Cruz, CA
A group of participants at Dynamic Dimensions in Burlington, CO wait with excitement to leave for an event.
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What Nonprofits Are Saying

Novato, CA

“NIA has consistently provided us with timely advice in helping us through the myriad of situations that arise over the course of our operations. We have the ultimate trust in their organization as the advice they give us has proven to be successful 100% of the time. We rest a bit easier knowing this resource is available to us.”

North Marin Community Services Michael Domer

Chino, CA

“Although we have just scratched the surface with the NIAC service offered (online training, documents, policies etc.) we are very impressed and grateful to finally be a part of the NIAC member family.  This is our first year being a part of NIAC and obviously for us and our community it has been a tough year.  All of the NIAC representatives have been so supportive and have communicated in a genuine, open, supportive way and we really appreciate the empathy and understanding displayed.

We truly appreciate NIAC and the support provided to us.  Make it a great day.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of the North Valley Scott Dinits, Human Resources Director

Santa Cruz, CA

“We get so much more than an insurance policy from NIA! We have used the online sexual harassment prevention training for supervisors and online defensive driving training, attended webinars on various topics—all for free!”

Community Bridges Susan Marinshaw

Burlington, CO

“We welcomed the opportunity to host a free defensive driver training course at our location with NIA’s professional driving instructor, and we have also taken advantage of the free online driver training. We appreciate the partner we have in NIA to avoid accidents before they happen.”

Dynamic Dimensions Cheryl Reese

Nonprofits insured by NIA are members.

Nonprofits insured by NIA aren’t customers. They’re members. NIA policyowners are also NIA’s owners.

501(c)(3) nonprofits coming together.

There are many different types of nonprofit organizations, but only 501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt nonprofits qualify for membership with Nonprofits Insurance Alliance.

A 501(c)(3) organization provides charitable, religious, scientific, literary, or educational services to the public, and is an organization which qualifies for tax-deductible donations.

Some examples include:

  • Community Centers
  • Senior Programs
  • Counseling Centers
  • Daycare and Youth Programs
  • Homeless Services
  • Hospices, Foster Family
  • Agencies
  • Group Homes
  • Drug and Alcohol Recovery
  • Animal Rescue
  • Environmental Programs
  • Residential Programs
  • Arts and Theatre Groups
  • …and many more

Nonprofits working together.

Operated by and for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, Nonprofits Insurance Alliance is an ideal example of the power of nonprofits working together. It’s hard not to be amazed at the dedication, creativity, and entrepreneurship of the nonprofits NIA insures.

NIA serves a broad array of 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations with valuable programs and services supporting youth, the disadvantaged, elderly, and countless others. With far less respect than they deserve for their professionalism and innovation, these organizations serve all of us – body, mind and spirit – and work tirelessly to enrich and protect our communities, all living creatures, and our planet.

Today, nonprofits are facing cutbacks in government funding, grants and contributions while the need for their services increases. NIA is proud to be associated with the organizations that make up this important sector, and to support their efforts by providing them with appropriate insurance coverages and risk management tools to protect their organizations and their clients.

Member composition by organization type:

  • Art and Education: 27%
  • Community Service: 25%
  • Animal and Environmental: 14%
  • Neighborhood Improvement and Social Action: 12%
  • Mental Health, Health-Related, Developmental Disabilities: 8%
  • Shelter, Nutrition, Employment: 7%
  • Philanthropy, Volunteerism, Grantmaking: 6%
  • Other: 1%

Learn more about NIA.

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Commercial carriers sometimes compete for nonprofit business and offer cheap rates during “soft markets,” that are later increased when the market changes.

As a group of 501(c)(3) nonprofit insurers, the mission of Nonprofits Insurance Alliance is to maintain fair and equitable pricing.

NIA accomplishes this by relying on its extensive database of accident and injury claims — which enables NIA to more accurately assess each nonprofit’s individual risk and set appropriate coverages.

Read about the history of NIA.

No. Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) is a group brand made up of nonprofit insurers, all rated A (Excellent) by AM Best, that exclusively insure 501(c)(3) organizations.

NIA currently insures more than 26,000 nonprofit organizations across 32 states and the District of Columbia.

In addition to coverages, NIA offers companion programs with carrier partners.

Risk retention groups (RRGs) are owned by their member policyholders, so many key advantages relate to the control that their members exert through boards of directors they elect.

This control often results in lower rates over the long term, broader coverage, specialty coverage, more fair and equitable pricing, and effective risk management programs — leading to favorable loss experience for members and the group overall.