Liability and property insurance for 501(c)(3) nonprofits, from a nonprofit.

Nonprofits need affordable insurance tailored to their unique operations and budget, and that’s what Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) does.

NIA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit! Who understands your organization better than another nonprofit?

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Insured by NIA:
Redfish Music Festival
Port Orford, OR

Your nonprofit needs insurance.

You can get it from a nonprofit!

NIA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, just like you.

When you get liability and property insurance from NIA, you receive coverage that is designed specifically for nonprofits, with fair and equitable pricing that is based on your nonprofit’s own operations – and not tied to the whims of the market!

What’s more, you also get access to practical, useful services and consulting that can help prevent things from going wrong at your nonprofit.

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nonprofits are insured by NIA.
of NIA members renew year after year.
30+ Years
insuring nonprofits with fair and equitable pricing.

As a nonprofit, your needs are special.

Had a less-than-ideal experience with insurance in the past? NIA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, just like you. Being insured by a nonprofit is a completely different experience. Here’s why:

How does it work?

Let’s try something a little different and explain the complex topic of liability insurance in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

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Insured by NIA:
Silverdale, WA


Having insurance is good. Having the right insurance is much better.

Every nonprofit is unique. Whether you work with vulnerable populations, rely on volunteers, put on fundraising events, transport the elderly, employ social workers, or other activities, your insurance needs are very specific to your operations.

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Insured by NIA:
Derry Township Community Cats
Hershey, PA

Tools, consulting, and training to protect your mission and those you serve.

NIA wants to make things easier for nonprofits. If you’re insured with NIA, you’re also going to get a lot of other services and free consulting that you might already be paying for!

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Insured by NIA:
Uncommon Good
Claremont, CA

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A toddler being guided by an adult takes a few steps at Child, Inc. of Wilmington, DE
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What nonprofits are saying:

Longmont, CO

“Working in the nonprofit space where we are can have some challenges, and NIA is always quick to get back to me with any questions I may have.

NIA offers so much more than insurance, but I have found they are great at finding the best prices on liability insurances — I have checked with other brokers, and they cannot get us the prices we get from NIA. And more importantly, they are quality products, and it is easy to navigate the claims process.”

Longmont Meals on Wheels Karla Hale

San Diego, CA

“NIA has made insurance easy for us since 1990! At Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County, we host a variety of events and activities for our Bigs and Littles. NIA keeps us fully covered, and ensures we are in line with all requirements and compliance needs. NIA provides simple, effective service and lets us focus on making meaningful matches that ignite the power and promise of youth. Our vision is for all youth to achieve their full potential. NIA helps us do that.”

Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County Tina Rose

Wilmington, DE

“Any time I am faced with a significant personnel decision, I consult an expert at NIA’s Employment Risk Management service. I always get prompt, expert advice delivered in a professional but friendly manner. As unpleasant as these personnel matters can be, it is always a relief knowing I have considered all the options, minimized the risk to the agency and consulted with an expert.”

Child, Inc. Tim Brandau

Santa Cruz, CA

“We get so much more than an insurance policy from NIA! We have used the online sexual harassment prevention training for supervisors and online defensive driving training, attended webinars on various topics—all for free!”

Community Bridges Susan Marinshaw

Still not convinced?

If you’re reading this, NIA applauds your tenacity! Here are some of the most popular questions NIA hears every day, from detail-oriented individuals like yourself.

Since Nonprofits Insurance Alliance’s beginnings in 1989, it has been committed to fair and equitable pricing.

Nonprofits insured by NIA enjoy peace of mind, knowing they won’t be subjected to dramatic and unanticipated price swings.

Because many nonprofits operate on tight budgets planned far in advance, they value NIA’s commitment to protect them against unexpected premium hikes.

That’s one of the reasons why 95% of the nonprofits insured by NIA renew every year.

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) provides liability insurance exclusively for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Coverage is currently available in the following states, and NIA insures many types of 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

Once you’ve submitted a complete application for coverage through a licensed insurance broker, it can take seven days or more to receive a quote. Here’s why:

In coordination with your broker, you’ll be asked to complete a thorough application which inquires about your size, your operations, and key factors — like whether or not you have volunteers, host events, or serve children or the elderly.

This information will be included in the application submitted by the broker to NIA.

The NIA team must then review, analyze, and price the risk presented by your operations. You’ll receive an email from NIA letting you know that teams are working on a quote.

When the quote is complete, your broker will retrieve it from NIA’s secure website, and review its terms and conditions with you.