Reporting Claims to NIA

NIA’s approach to claims is unique.

NIA’s claims approach is to look for ways to cover claims within its policy, not for ways to decline them. If liability is clear when a claim is presented, NIA investigates to quantify the damages and pays the claim promptly.

If liability is uncertain, NIA investigates thoroughly and works to resolve the claim in a manner that is both conscientious and practical.

Nonprofits have placed trust in NIA to protect them, and the entire organization takes that trust very seriously.

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Insured by NIA:
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Nonprofits reporting a claim have two options:

Ask your insurance broker to report the claim to NIA.

Your broker will work with you to complete and send the required information.


Complete and submit the appropriate reporting form:

Auto Incident Report Form
Motor vehicle incident

Incident Report Form
All other incidents

Send completed claims forms to

Existing claims.

For information about an existing claim, contact your broker.

If your broker is unavailable, you may also call the claims adjuster directly at the number provided on your loss notice sent within 24 hours of filing the claim. Or, call 800-359-6422, prompt 2, and ask to speak to the claims adjuster.

Emergency situations.

If you need to report a claim during non-business hours and cannot reach your broker, call 1-866-718-1947.

This number should only be used for true claims emergencies.

Report claims immediately.

There is no negative impact on your policy for reporting an incident.

When in doubt, report it!
If you have any questions concerning whether to report an incident or claim, call your insurance broker.

Your insurance broker has the expertise to assist you.

How do I know when an incident requires that I report a claim?

  • There’s been an accident
  • Someone has been hurt
  • Property has been damaged
  • You’ve received a letter of representation or were served a lawsuit
  • You’ve reported a serious incident to a licensee
  • There’s an allegation that someone has been abused or harassed
  • You think someone ought to know — just in case


Brokers: Report a claim.

If your client is a member of NIA and you need to file a claim, please use the appropriate loss notice ACORD form below.

Auto Loss Notice form

For Claim Type:
Business Auto

General Liability Loss Notice form

For Claim Type:
Commercial General Liability
Improper Sexual Conduct and Physical Abuse
Social Service Professional
Directors and Officers

Property Loss Notice form

For Claim Type:

Incident reporting.

Even if you are not sure if it will become a claim but you think NIA should know about it, please send a completed loss notice form.

When using one of these loss notice forms, complete as much information as you have and send it with any attachments provided to you by the insured to the following email:

Information to include with a loss report.

Information to attach with a loss report may include one to several of the following:

  • Incident report form or  auto incident report form
  • Emails describing incident from insured
  • Documents that insured provided
    • Photos or footage of incident
    • Police reports
    • Involved party or witness statements
    • Letters of representation
    • Lawsuit papers

Existing claims.

For information about an existing claim, please log into the NIA Broker Portal.

Most of the information requests we receive by phone and email are for information about claims that is readily available on our secure website 24/7, including:

  • Claim number
  • Date of loss
  • Adjuster name
  • Short description, and even some detailed information such as vehicle(s) involved (if applicable)
  • Reserves and payments made are also available for broker review

Claims are complicated, but NIA is here to help.

Here are some of the most common questions relating to submitting claims.

Note: NIA does not recommend coverages or limits. Nonprofits should speak with their broker about the specific risks and exposures that your organization has to make sure that the appropriate coverage and limits are purchased to address those risks and exposures.

NIA’s mission is to advocate for the nonprofits it insures, so it is ill-advised to hide facts of the claim. You should include absolutely everything to explain the claim.

Please include all correspondence and related documents, as well as any email conversations you may have explaining the situation.

For full details, refer to the Reporting Claim to NIA page.

You are also encouraged to report incidents that you believe may result in claims.

Reporting incidents will not impact your premium and may help NIA direct you to appropriate member resources and risk management assistance to help prevent claims.

Once you file a claim, NIA will send an acknowledgment stating that the claim is assigned.

Please note that specific claims will determine the expectations and timeframes for results. In some cases, and despite all efforts to the contrary, litigation can take years.

The broker may receive information about a claim’s status, including payment status and important mileposts such as litigation or trial status, upcoming mediations, and coverage.

If you are one of NIA’s large business accounts, a quarterly claims review may be available as an option to you. Contact your broker to discuss scheduling.

In the event a filed claim is not covered, work with your insurance broker to make sure that all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the claim have been properly communicated to NIA.

Lack of coverage is sometimes applicable to incidents such as:

  • When the date of loss falls outside of the policy period
  • When coverage is specifically excluded in the policy
  • If there is no damage element to the claim

Check with your broker to see if there may be other applicable policies you have to make the claim against.