Terrence Bedford

WAFD Insurance Group

“Nonprofits Insurance Alliance is one of the best insurance companies for nonprofits.

They offer excellent coverage, provide all the resources nonprofits need to manage risk, and they make it easy for me to provide excellent service to my customers.”

—Terrence Bedford, ARM, AAI , WAFD Insurance Group

Bill Syddall

ALINK Insurance Services

“As a nonprofit serving other nonprofits, NIA has a unique perspective of what is needed from an insurance carrier. This allows NIA to fill a void in the insurance marketplace by offering coverage packages and additional support services tailored specifically for the nonprofits they serve.”

—Bill Syddall, President, ALINK Insurance Services

Peter Andrew

CS Plus

“Time and again, NIA has been there to help protect nonprofits. Their policies set the standard for nonprofit coverage. As a broker exclusively serving the nonprofit community, NIA is an incredible resource to us and our clients.”

—Peter Andrew, President/CEO, CS Plus

Jeannie DeLaura


“NIA has been a great carrier partner for many of our nonprofits and a go-to carrier for our agency.”

—Jeannie DeLaura, Executive Vice President, Bolton

Claudine Ford

Charity One Insurance Agency, Inc.

“We highly recommend Nonprofits Insurance Alliance to any nonprofit organization in need of insurance coverage.

Their expertise, commitment to the nonprofit community, and dedication to providing valuable resources and support make them an exceptional partner for nonprofits seeking to protect their mission and assets.”

—Claudine Ford, Charity One Insurance Agency, Inc.

Scott R. Konrad

HUB International Limited

“Nonprofits Insurance Alliance fills a unique value gap as a tax-exempt insurer with a mission to serve, rather than to make money for shareholders. NIA has been a beacon for nonprofits in turbulent market cycles, while providing the underwriting stability charitable organizations so desperately need.

A purpose-built specialist, NIA understands diverse nonprofit risk profiles and has crafted the products and services to address them. As a Catalyst for the Greater Good, we’re kindred partners!”

—Scott R. Konrad, North American Nonprofit Practice Leader, HUB International Limited