Fair & Equitable Pricing

Reasonable pricing is in NIA's mission statement!

As a nonprofit, part of NIA’s mission is to provide nonprofits like yours with a stable source of reasonably priced liability and property insurance.

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Insured by NIA:
Death Penalty Action
Ghent, NY

NIA answers to nonprofits, not stockholders.

NIA answers to a board of directors elected by the very nonprofits it insures.

That means when you secure liability and property insurance from NIA, you get fair and equitable pricing that’s based on your nonprofit’s own operations — and not tied to the whims of the market.

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Insured by NIA:
High Plains Environmental
Loveland, CO

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Pricing transparency.

NIA’s job is to stand behind its commitment to nonprofits. While NIA does everything it can to avoid price increases, sometimes they do become necessary.

Price increases can be the result of many factors, including inflationary pressures, changes in risk, changes in the environment, increases in certain types of claims, and increases in claims handling costs.

No matter the cause, NIA strives to maximize transparency and prevent any potential price increase from breaking your budget.

NIA makes every effort to keep increases as modest as possible and proportionate to the risk presented. When broad-based increases are necessary, both nonprofits and their brokers will be informed well in advance, so they can plan accordingly.

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Insured by NIA:
Jefferson Economic Development Institute
Mount Shasta, CA

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What nonprofits are saying.

Ft. Worth, TX

“We LOVE NIA, not just because they save us thousands of dollars each year while providing better coverage but, because every dollar they save us helps us have a BIGGER impact in our community! It is so nice to do business with NIA because you believe in helping nonprofits like ours change the world. We always say “together we do more”, and it couldn’t be more true with the working partnership we have with NIA!”

WhenWeLove Gary Wilkerson, Jr.

San Mateo, CA

“NIA understands our needs and offers super relevant trainings. We are very grateful for our partnership with NIA. Not only does it mean our insurance is fairly priced, but because they are a nonprofit too, it means our dollars stay in the nonprofit sector.”

HIP Housing Kate Comfort

Port Orford, OR

“The Redfish Music Festival is thankful for coverage with NIA which takes care of all of our various insurance needs. Since we have many different activities it was essential to be covered in all that we do. NIA has been a great help!”

Redfish Music Festival Fritz Gearhart

Garden Grove, CA

“NIA’s webinars and employment advice have saved us thousands of dollars annually and have helped us manage our workforce ethically and compliantly. They offer sound and qualified advice and are always accessible, even at the most pressing times.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove Mark Surmanian, M.B.A.

Your questions answered.

If you’re reading this, your thirst for knowledge needs to be quenched! Here’s the top three questions NIA hears from nonprofits.

While your nonprofit may or may not be required to carry liability or property insurance, funders, venues, and contract agreements routinely require insurance as a condition of engaging in an agreement.

It’s up to each nonprofit organization to determine what coverage is necessary. An insurance broker can help with this decision.

Learn more on the Nonprofits Insurance 101 page.

If you are a new nonprofit organization or expect soon to receive your 501(c)(3) status, this is the ideal time to learn about your liability options.

If want to get a ballpark on insurance costs, here are the minimum annual premiums at NIA for different types of insurances that nonprofits get. You can also review the coverages NIA offers.

If you have been operating without insurance and qualify for a quote from NIA, you will be required to certify that you have no knowledge of pending claims or incidents that may become claims.

If you’re ready to secure insurance for your 501(c)(3) nonprofit now, you can get a quote.

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) looks for ways to cover claims within its policy, not for ways to decline them.

If liability is clear when a claim is presented, it is paid promptly.

NIA considers itself a partner with its members, and takes seriously the trust those member organizations place with it.

However, if liability is uncertain, NIA will thoroughly investigate and resolve the claim in a manner that is both conscientious and practical.

Learn more on the Claims page.