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2023 Nonprofit Photo Contest Winners

This year's photo contest theme was Mission First. More than 700 nonprofits in 38 states participated — and generated more than 23,000 votes!

Blue Avocado Recap: November 2023

Guide to grant budgeting. Trauma in the workplace. Collaborating with other nonprofits. Expanding marketing to a wider audience.

Meet Simone B.

Underwriting Manager Simone B. shares how her career at NIA allows her the flexibility to serve nonprofits and spend time with her son.

BREAKING NEWS: An Insurance Regulator Tries to Figure Out What Type of Insurance is Offered in Their State

The Missouri Department of Commerce & Industry sent a survey to see if insurers are offering coverages nonprofits need. Too little, too late.

Meet Farhat K.

Marketing LeadGen Specialist Farhat K. shares how working at NIA enabled her to help nonprofits and achieve her career goals.

Protecting Your Community From Impacts of the Climate Crisis

As climate change brings about more extreme weather patterns, nonprofits need to prepare to help one another in times of severe heat or cold.

Insurance Brokers: Here’s How You Can Help Your Nonprofit Clients During Claims

How insurance brokers can maximize the chances of their nonprofit clients’ claims being covered.

Blue Avocado Recap: October 2023

Getting and keeping volunteers. Reducing board resignations. Succession planning. Making DEI actionable.

Meet Navin L.

Associate Underwriter Navin L. shares how a career with NIA introduced him to a passion for nonprofits he never knew he had.

Workplace Violence on the Rise: What You Can Do to Protect Your Nonprofit

As workplace shootings rise, nonprofits should implement policies that keep workplaces safe from threats and violent behavior.

How to Choose the Right Insurance Broker for Your Nonprofit

Your nonprofit’s insurance broker should have your back. How to make sure you’ve got the right person in your corner.

Meet Sharon L.

Underwriter Sharon L. shares how serving nonprofits as part of NIA has been unlike anything she's experienced in three decades in insurance.