Risk Management Reference Library for Nonprofits

Tools to support your nonprofit’s risk management efforts.

Nonprofits insured by Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) get free access to a library of resources to help with risk management planning.

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Risk management references at your fingertips.

Your NIA coverage gets you access a free library of risk management reference materials — booklets, sample forms, policies, and more — all designed specifically to meet the unique needs of nonprofits like yours. 

Boost your risk management practices.

Curated reference materials can help you develop policies and best practices for your nonprofit that can reduce your potential risks.

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Insured by NIA:
Mothers Without Borders
Provo, UT

Reference materials help you develop your own.

Access sample forms and policies which your nonprofit can use as templates or inspiration as you develop your own, saving time while also lowering your risks.

Reference materials for your risk management efforts.

Samples to help you model your policies.

Explore samples of forms, policies, checklists, templates, guidelines, and more — all designed to help your nonprofit as you develop materials of your own to meet your specific needs.

  • 15-Passenger Van ANI Member Guide
    (non-CA members)
  • 15-Passenger Van NIAC Member Guide (CA members)
  • Acknowledgement of Volunteer Status
  • ADA Interactive Process Questionnaire
  • Animal Adoption Waiver
  • Board Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Board Conflict of Interest Statement
  • Building Inspection Checklist
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Collision Report Form
  • Collision Reporting Kit
  • Contract Approval Checklist
  • Contract Approval Checklist Speaker
  • Criminal History Record Check Policy
  • Day Field Trip Form
  • Document Retention Destruction Policy
  • Electronic Media Policy
  • Emergency Medical Release Form
  • Employee Yoga Waiver
  • Exercise Facility Use and Waiver
  • Expense Reimbursement Policy
  • Facility Inspection General
  • Fleet Safety: Collision Investigation
  • Fleet Safety: Distracted Driving
  • Fleet Safety: Distraction-Free Driving Policy
  • Fleet Safety Golf Carts
  • Fleet Safety: Incident Reporting
  • Fleet Safety: Mobility Devices
  • Fleet Safety: Non-Owned Hired Auto
  • Fleet Safety: Safe Winter Driving
  • Fleet Safety: Trailers
  • Fleet Safety: Vehicle Inspection Checklist
  • Fleet Safety: Written Program Elements
  • Frozen Pipes Web Based Resource
  • Fleet Safety: Tracking Personal Auto Insurance
  • General Housekeeping Property
  • Guidelines for Drivers of Agency Vehicles
  • Harassment Prevention Policy (CA members)
  • Harassment Prevention Policy (non-CA members)
  • Heat Illness
  • Hold Harmless
  • Incident Report Form
  • Fleet Safety: Backing Safely
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Checklist
  • Independent Contractor Status Checklist
  • Intro to Employment Practices
  • Intro to Fundraising and Collaboration Risks
  • Intro to Managing Special Event Risks
  • Intro to Managing Technology Risks
  • Intro to Managing Transportation Risks
  • Intro to Protecting Financial Assets
  • Intro to Serving Vulnerable Populations
  • Intro to Volunteer Management
  • Intro to Working With Professional Advisors
  • Jog-a-Thon Waiver
  • Medication Authorization Form
  • Medication Distribution Precautions
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Nonstandard Gift Policy
  • Offer Letter
  • Participant Waiver
  • Participant Waiver and Release for Minors
  • Personal Vehicle Use Policy
  • Pets in the Workplace
  • Photo Release
  • Pregnancy Disability Leave (CA members)
  • Resources for Managing Nonprofits During COVID
  • Sample Agreement Language
  • Social Media Policy
  • Special Event Guidelines Bounce Houses
  • Special Event Guidelines Serving Alcohol
  • Special Event Location Selection Checklist
  • Telecommuting Program
  • Transporting Clients Personal Vehicle Use Policy
  • Transporting Vulnerable Populations Checklist
  • Vehicle Use Policy
  • Volunteer Application
  • Volunteer Agreement and Liability Waiver
  • Volunteer Handbooks
  • Volunteer Risk in Short-Term Assignments
  • Volunteer Driver (Parent)
  • Volunteer Driver (Youth)
  • Volunteer Waiver
  • Walk-Run Waiver
  • Walkathon Waiver
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Volunteer Handbook Acknowledgement
  • Volunteer Position Descriptions
  • Volunteer Reference Check

Eligibility requirements:

The Risk Management Reference Library is free to all nonprofits insured by NIA.

Not sure what coverage you have?
Contact your insurance broker directly, or the NIA Member Services team.

“The sample forms and other documents in this library are real timesavers.”

Jenny O.
UpValley Family Centers
Calistoga, CA

How to access this resource:

Available only to nonprofits with active insurance policies with NIA.

If your nonprofit is already insured by NIA, these sample documents and forms can be accessed by logging into the Secure NIA Member Portal, and navigating to Member Resources > Tools > Risk Management Reference Library.

If you have questions or need additional information about this service, contact NIA Member Services at 800-359-6422, ext. 1727, or email Member Services.

Need insurance coverage for your nonprofit?

This resource is only available to nonprofits insured by NIA.

All these resources are available to nonprofits insured by NIA.

Consulting services.

Risk management consulting services to help your nonprofit identify and mitigate key risks across your organization.


Discover risk management strategies, exclusive NIA member resources, and learn how new regulations and laws may affect your nonprofit.

My Risk Management Plan.

Online tools to help you create a risk management plan that reflects your organization’s unique needs, priorities, and culture.

Online board tool.

Help your nonprofit’s board function more efficiently and effectively with BOARDnetWORK, an easy-to-use, web-based communication tool.

Nonprofit risk management e-books.

Advice to help nonprofits in non-technical, easy-to-understand language, with case studies and sample forms.

Discount purchasing program.

Your nonprofit makes purchases every day. PurchasingPoint® can get you big discounts on many of those same products and services.

Abuse prevention resources.

Tools and resources from Praesidium to help your nonprofit prevent abuse and protect the people you serve.

Employee handbook builder.

Create a reliable, up-to-date employee handbook with digital tools and support from BLR Employee Handbook Builder.

Harassment prevention training.

Meet state-mandated training standards with Emtrain’s online harassment prevention training courses for your supervisors.

Risk management reference library.

Access a free library of reference materials, sample forms, policies, and more — all designed specifically for nonprofits.

Screening services.

Streamline your nonprofit’s hiring process with secure online access to background check and screening services via IntelliCorp.

Driver training.

Free defensive driving courses to help keep your drivers safe on the roads while operating vehicles for your nonprofit.

Vehicle/Driver monitoring.

Improve driver behavior and promote safety with SafetyFirst vehicle and driver monitoring.

Vehicle telematics.

Get real-time insights on how your nonprofit’s drivers are behaving on the road with GPS tracking from NIA Telematics.

Compliance training.

Develop cultures of inclusion, ethics, and respect in your nonprofit through Emtrain’s compliance e-learning courses.

Emergency communication software.

Quickly take charge in an emergency or crisis situation with communication software designed to keep your people safe, informed, and connected.