Your board communications, all in one place.

Nonprofits insured by Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) get free annual subscriptions to BOARDnetWORK.

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Streamline your nonprofit board’s communications.

Your nonprofit serves your community better when your governing board functions effectively. BOARDnetWORK is a web-based communication tool, designed to be a flexible and easy-to-use way for your nonprofit’s board members to communicate, maintain records, meet compliance goals, and govern your organization more efficiently.

Keep your board members in the loop.

Empower more effective decision-making with web-enabled tools to quickly and easily keep all your board members informed and updated.

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An informed board boosts your nonprofit.

Get a streamlined, automated platform for securing approvals, alerting members to upcoming meetings, and managing workflows.

Benefits of BOARDnetWORK Include:

Get instant access from anywhere. 

Your board members can log in to their customized home page from any computer. 

Secure online delivery of timely documents. 

Allows the board more time to review important material ahead of meetings. 

Manage your records and important information. 

Articles, bylaws, minutes, financial reports, planning documents, contact information, and other materials the board needs are all stored together, including historical items. 

Centralized communications with your board members. 

The streamlined, automated platform alerts members to upcoming meetings, events, updates, and deadlines. 

Make sure only the right people see sensitive information.  

Records for the board and each committee are organized by folder, so users only see the content to which they have been granted access. 

Increase your board’s productivity

Minimize the time and effort required
to assemble your board’s book and other documents.

Eligibility requirements.

To access BOARDnetWORK, your nonprofit must have a current insurance policy purchased from NIA.

Not sure what coverage you have?
Contact your insurance broker directly, or the NIA Member Services team.

“BOARDnetWORK has transformed how our board does business. This is a fantastic way to make sure everyone has access to everything they need.”

Gail W.
California Institute for Rural Studies, Inc.
Santa Cruz, CA

How to access this resource:

Available only to nonprofits with active insurance policies with NIA.

If your nonprofit is already insured by NIA, and you’re ready to get started with BoardnetWORK, login to the Secure NIA Member Portal, then navigate to Member Resources > Services > BOARDnetWORK.

If you have questions or need additional information about this service, contact NIA Member Services at 800-359-6422, ext. 1727, or email Member Services.

Need insurance coverage for your nonprofit?

This resource is only available to nonprofits insured by NIA.

All these resources are available to nonprofits insured by NIA.

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