Meet Simone B.

Underwriting Manager Simone B. shares how her career at NIA allows her the flexibility to serve nonprofits and spend time with her son.

Meet Farhat K.

Marketing LeadGen Specialist Farhat K. shares how working at NIA enabled her to help nonprofits and achieve her career goals.

Meet Navin L.

Associate Underwriter Navin L. shares how a career with NIA introduced him to a passion for nonprofits he never knew he had.

Meet Sharon L.

Underwriter Sharon L. shares how serving nonprofits as part of NIA has been unlike anything she's experienced in three decades in insurance.

Meet Rebecca B.

Claims Examiner Rebecca B. shares how her career at Nonprofits Insurance Alliance has been unlike any insurer she's ever been a part of.

Meet Kevin H.

Senior Manager of Business Systems Kevin H. shares how his career with NIA changed his relationship with the nonprofit community.

Meet Amber S.

Broker Relationship Manager Amber S. shares how working with NIA has allowed her to grow her career in an environment that aligns with her values.

Meet Ruby P.

NIA Claims Support Operation Supervisor Ruby P. shares how a temp position became a career serving communities that better served her values.

Meet Rachel B.

NIA Underwriter Rachel B. shares how her role on the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance team allows her to use her talents to make a difference.

Meet Tiffany V.

NIA Senior Underwriter Tiffany V. shares her experience of being part of the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance team — and how it’s enabled her to grow, both professionally and personally.

Meet Emmanuel B.

Emmanuel B. is a member of the NIA underwriting team with nearly 20 years of experience — ranging from Claims to Underwriting.