Meet Tiffany V.

"I was impressed by the transparency, structure of the organization, and leadership."

NIA Senior Underwriter Tiffany V. shares her experience of being part of the Nonprofits Insurance Alliance team — and how it’s enabled her to grow, both professionally and personally.

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Meet Tiffany:

I’m a Senior Underwriter at NIA and enjoy living with my husband and two cats under a canopy of redwoods.

Where are you from, and where do you live now?

I am from Santa Cruz County, CA, and live and work here today, but have enjoyed living in other parts of the world: Paris, New York, and San Francisco!

Tiffany meets NIA:

How long have you worked at NIA?

I’ve been with NIA since 2012.

What did you do before that?

Prior to NIA, I worked for various high-tech companies in marketing, quality assurance, and general operations management.

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How did you come to find NIA?

Something clicked for me immediately with NIA: I was impressed by the transparency, structure of the organization, and leadership, to name a few, all of which translated to executing the mission well.

I also sensed they were interested in fostering long-term relationships with their employees.

Tiffany’s NIA Career:

Tell us about the growth of your career at NIA.

I joined NIA without a background in insurance, but with a strong work ethic and desire to learn, and with a background that was well suited to my work here.

Through supplemental education, direction, and encouragement from peers, I was able to eventually progress to the position of Senior Underwriter.

My growth has also been complimented by committee work, serving as a mentor, and collaborating with other departments on projects over the years, creating opportunities for teamwork and awareness of the interrelatedness of the departments.

Do you like working remotely? How often do you go into the office?

Working remotely is great! It caters to heightened concentration, the ability to work longer, and I appreciate the positive environmental impacts as well. I enjoy being able to go into the office for special occasions.

Do you feel you have a good work/life balance?

NIA has allowed me to have an excellent work/life balance.

On a weekly/daily basis, I find time for healthy activities outside of work: Volunteerism, board duties, exercise, music, and enjoying family and friends among other things.

I believe this balance will improve my work experience, and will allow me to thrive long term, not just in the short term.

Are your ideas heard and acted on? Can you provide a short example/story?

NIA is receptive to new ideas — regardless of one’s title or role, or longevity at the company. The company actively solicits feedback. I have had several ideas over the years that resulted in new products or ways of doing things both within my department and companywide.

As chairperson of the Product Development Committee, represented by staff from most departments, I am in a pivotal position to help introduce, oversee, and execute new ideas that turn into products for our clients.

Also, my oversight of our department manuals over the years has also allowed me to implement ideas that have been adapted in our underwriting process.

Have you taken advantage of any of the continuing education opportunities that NIA offers?

NIA is a strong supporter of continuing education — from just about Day 1, I have been enjoying these resources.

I obtained my CPCU and AIS designations while employed at NIA and am now working on continuing education related to risk management.

I enjoy continuing education, but also find that it is a critical part of my job so that I can stay abreast of the latest trends, resources, and other information relevant to our industry.

Do you feel supported and respected by the people you work with?

As the company treats us well and has high ethical standards, I believe that is reciprocated amongst coworkers and fosters an environment of respect and thoughtfulness.

I have found those I work with to be empathetic, helpful, hardworking, and cognizant of the fact that we are a team — so much of what we do is the result of many people, not just one person.

There is a culture of teamwork, sharing information, and soliciting feedback to improve final products and outputs.

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Tiffany’s Impact:

Can you tell us about some of your favorite/memorable nonprofits that we work with?

It is impossible to single out one as they all serve a critical role. But, I recently heard a spellbinding performance by the San Francisco Girls Chorus at the Carmel Bach Festival — I hope that becomes an annual tradition.

How has your work at NIA affected your life and/or community involvement?

It has heightened my commitment to nonprofits both during, and outside of the work day, and allowed me to increase my contributions through the experience I have gained.

I now sit on the board of nonprofits, and every day, whether I’m doing board work, volunteering, or the patron or participant of an event, I’m involved with nonprofits in some way.