Meet Navin L.

"I discovered that my own principles and personality were profoundly aligned with our company's mission."

Associate Underwriter Navin L. shares how a career with NIA introduced him to a passion for nonprofits he never knew he had.

Navin L. standing at a vista in Santa Cruz, CA

NIA Associate Underwriter Navin L. on a bluff overlooking Santa Cruz, CA,

Meet Navin:

I am a Cancerian by sign, compassionate by nature, and highly intuitive. I am also inquisitive and passionate about learning new things.

In my previous jobs at different companies, as a computer technician, web designer, and customer service teller, I developed a wide range of skills and experience.

I take pride in my ability to consistently deliver results and ensure customer satisfaction, a commitment I continue to uphold in my current position as an Associate Underwriter.

Where are you from, and where do you live now?

I was born in Nepal, but I’ve called Santa Cruz, California, my home for nearly two decades now.

What hobbies, interests, or passions do you have and would like to share?

When I was younger, I loved collecting comic books and reading biographies. I was fascinated by fictional heroes and the real-life stories of people who had achieved great things. As I got older, my interests shifted to art and technology. I started drawing and painting, and I became fascinated by the potential of computers to create new things.

Currently, my favorite pastimes are meditation, “being in the moment,” playing video games sometimes, and reading non-fictional books.

I’m also interested in learning about the latest trends in the insurance industry, so I’ve subscribed to various insurance-related newsletters and read them regularly whenever I get a chance.

It’s fascinating how our hobbies and interests seem to transform over time.

Navin meets NIA:

How long have you worked at NIA?

I have been with NIA for almost 7 years.

What did you do before that?

Professionally, my journey has been quite diverse. I’ve worn different hats in my career, starting as a computer technician, then transitioned into web design as a web designer, where I honed my creativity and attention to detail.

But it was my time in the customer service industry, working as a full-time teller, that had a profound impact on me. I gained valuable customer service experience and realized the importance of keeping customers happy.

Navin L. standing in front of a bush wearing sunglasses

Navin L. spending time out in nature.

How did you come to find NIA?

It’s often said that “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” This statement certainly rings true in my case. It all began with a temporary job.

Initially, I regarded this job as a means to pay the bills and get me by and had other plans for my career. However, it soon became evident that it held more significance than that. It provided an opportunity to discover new passions.

As I delved deeper into my work, I became increasingly absorbed, particularly when I learned about our company’s mission.

Our mission is to provide equitable liability and property insurance to nonprofits in a challenging market, at a time when other insurance companies were denying them coverage, branding them as “high risk.” I found our mission deeply compassionate.

Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in advancing civil rights, preserving culture, providing care to neglected and vulnerable individuals and animals, and ensuring accountability in both private and public sectors. Their work impacts every corner of our lives, and it seemed unjust for them to lack insurance coverage, especially in challenging times.

In this, I discovered that my own principles and personality were profoundly aligned with our company’s mission.

This realization marked my calling. Life’s unpredictable nature opened doors I never anticipated walking through. It revealed interests I didn’t even know I had.

How did your job interview go?

I had to go through several interviews with people from different departments, and they all went well. The final interview was with the executive department.

I was initially intimidated, but when the interview began, I found all the interviewers to be very friendly. At times, we even shared laughter over topics that came up during our conversation.

While I don’t recall the exact specifics, I believe I shared some of my experiences, which they found amusing.

Navin’s NIA Career:

Tell us about the growth of your career at NIA.

I started as a temp Underwriting Support Specialist. Eager to learn and grow, I took advantage of our company’s benefit plan to pursue insurance classes.

With my managers’ encouragement and support, I earned the CISR designation. Soon after, I was promoted to Associate Underwriter.

I am grateful for the opportunities NIA has provided me to grow and develop professionally. I am proud to be a part of the team and look forward to continuing my contributions to the company’s success.

Do you like working remotely? How often do you go into the office?

I like working remotely because I believe it reduces carbon emissions. Nowadays, I go to the office only to meet new people and say “hello” to them in person, or when I’m called to be present for a company event.

Do you feel you have a good work/life balance?

I believe I have learned to accept challenges and work’s difficulties instead of resisting them.

I found that, in my own experience, resistance leads to more stress — and accepting challenges and work’s difficulties does the opposite and helps to reduce work-related stress and maintain a good work/life balance.

Do you feel supported and respected by the people you work with?

Yes, I do because we all support and respect one another in our company.

Are your ideas heard and acted on? Can you provide a short example/story?

Yes, I drafted some pages of our UW Procedures Manual in the past. When I was on the Wellness Committee, I used to make suggestions as a team member and those were often implemented.

Navin L. standing on a sidewalk near grass and trees

Navin L. on a walk through his neighborhood.

Have you taken advantage of any of the continuing education opportunities that NIA offers?

Yes, I have. That’s how I earned my CISR designation.

How is working here different from other jobs you’ve had?

I believe this is the most ethical company I’ve ever had the privilege to work for.

What is your favorite thing about working at NIA?

The people — they are always eager to support and help.

Navin’s Impact:

Can you tell us about some of your favorite/memorable nonprofits that we work with?

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the local nonprofit SPCA. During my time there, I worked with animals that had suffered from unfortunate incidents, like a dog with a torn nose, which was truly heart-wrenching to witness. I offered care and affection to these neglected animals.

I also observed the community’s generosity as people brought in items and cash donations. It became evident to me that the nonprofit primarily relied on donations to sustain its operations.

I dedicated about a month to volunteering, and this experience provided me with first-hand insight into the nonprofit’s operations and its invaluable contributions to our community.

How has your work at NIA affected your life and/or community involvement?

Personally, I became more aware of the needs in my community.