Training and Education

Defensive Driving Training

The majority of all motor vehicle crashes are caused by inattentive driving. Defensive driving courses help keep your employees and volunteers safer on the road and reduce your liability costs. Free driver training is available to members with an auto liability policy.

We offer two training options:

  • Online training – accessible anywhere there is a computer with Internet access
  •  Self-Study – video based training which includes a study guide

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Presentations, Seminars and Workshops

The Group staff is available to make live and web-based presentations, seminars and workshops on a variety of insurance and risk management topics.

The following is a list of our core offerings:  


D&O: What Every Nonprofit Should Know About Insurance for Their Board of Directors
Learn why Directors and Officers insurance is necessary, what nonprofit boards of directors get sued for, and what to look for in a D&O insurance policy. We will also review of some policy language to point out possible pitfalls in purchasing this coverage.

Insurance Basics: Purchasing the Right Insurance Coverage for your Nonprofit
This is an overview of property/casualty insurance coverages most nonprofits would purchase. It covers the basics, as well as some less well understood coverages, such as non-owned/hired autos, improper sexual conduct, and miscellaneous professional.

You Can Learn to Survive: Living through Litigation with Mission Intact
This is an overview of the steps in the litigation process and important information about how to work with your insurer and insurance broker if your nonprofit organization is sued.


Developing a Risk-Aware Culture
When it comes to risk management, an aligned culture and strategy work together to enhance the success of one another. An impressive new risk management policy may be “DOA” when determined staff and volunteers have a “workaround” plan in play before the ink on the new policy is dry. We will explore practical strategies for inspiring a deep and lasting commitment to safety and mission-protection in your nonprofit.

Essential Elements of a Fleet Safety Program
The use of vehicles in nonprofits is as varied as the services they provide. Whether you manage a fleet of vehicles owned by your organization or simply have employees and volunteers driving their personal vehicles on behalf of your nonprofit, implementing a Motor Fleet Safety Program can greatly reduce the risks faced by your clients, volunteers, employees and their families. We will cover the essential elements of a vehicle safety program including developing written policies and procedures and implementing a program that fits the needs of your organization.

Risk Management Basics
Risk is anything that can derail your nonprofit from accomplishing its mission. Risk management is a discipline for identifying risk, assessing how serious or sever the risks are, and determining ways to avoid or minimize harm and financial losses. Risk management is not some mystery. Enlightened risk taking requires awareness of the potential downsides or a new approach or program, thoughtful planning for positive outcomes, and simultaneously ensuring that there is as soft a landing as possible when a venture doesn’t work out as planned. We will provide some simple frameworks for organizing and implementing basic risk management practices in a nonprofit organization; share the most common risks facing nonprofits based on 20+ years of claims history; look at some specific areas of risk and what you can and should be doing to minimize your exposure.

Risk Management for Volunteer Programs
Your volunteers provide valuable assistance to your organization. Every nonprofit can and should take steps to managing the risks associated with its use of volunteers. This session will help demystify risk management and give you practical strategies you can implement to use your volunteers safely.

Special Events: Safety and Insurance Tips  Special Events: Managing Risks
Managing special event risk requires a balance of awareness, planning, diligence and teamwork. The time invested on risk management is well spent and certain to contribute to a successful event. This presentation discusses planning your event, what can go wrong, how to prevent incidents from happening, and what to do if something does go wrong. We will also discuss additional insureds, hold harmless clauses, and waivers.

You will never get a generic, one-size-fits all approach from us. Whether you are looking for a core program or a hybrid, our staff will work with you to customize the content for your audience.

A minimum of 30 attendees is required. Fees vary by project. Contact the Marketing and Member/Broker Services Administrator at (800) 359-6422, ext. 6037.

Our core risk management topics are also as available as part of our webinar schedule. Recorded webinars can be accessed by our members on our secure website.

Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors – Online

This interactive Internet program teaches managers to recognize conduct that frequently forms the basis of harassment claims, but is seldom recognized as being unlawful. It also covers basic prevention, as well as complex harassment questions in the workplace. This resource is available to California and Connecticut members. These states make sexual harassment training for supervisors mandatory.

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