NIA Helps Teen Success Empower Young Mothers

One story of how Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) member Teen Success is helping young mothers succeed.

What the 100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment Means Today

Local advocates are what forced a number of states to recognize a woman’s right to vote prior to the ratification of the 19th Amendment, creating the groundswell to affect federal change.

Smart Guide for Nonprofits: 4 Ways to Make Your Organization Safer During Wildfire Season

During wildfire season, things can be beyond your control, but here are four ways nonprofits can stay a little safer when things get hot.

Helping 5Cities Homeless Coalition Keep San Luis Obispo County Housed

When a small housing agency faced financial challenges due to changes in their funding, the NIAC Loan Fund helped them adapt and continue serving their community.

Oak Grove Center CEO on Supporting Students During COVID-19 School Shutdown

When COVID-19 closed schools, this nonprofit had to help keep resident students busy, engaged in their therapies, and distance learning.

How We’re Helping Nonprofits and Brokers During COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, NIA is enacting several measures to make sure our members are able to continue their work in the community.

The New Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Take a balanced approach with proper and reasonable safety measures, including preparing yourselves with the knowledge you need.

A Passion for Nonprofits Drives NIA’s CFO, Kim Aday

NIA CFO Kim Aday talks about the growth of NIA, early challenges, and the causes that speak to her heart.

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance 30th Anniversary Stories: Dusti McKeown and Michele Thomas

Dusti McKeown and Michele Thomas, who have worked with NIA for 20 and 26 years respectively, discuss what makes NIA an innovative place.

9 out of 10 Nonprofits Recommend NIA

Five reasons nonprofits like yours choose to stay with Nonprofits Insurance Alliance for their coverage needs year after year.

5 Reasons the Nonprofit You’ve Started Needs Insurance

The best way to understand why insurance is important to nonprofits is to understand to consequences of not having it.

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance 30th Anniversary Stories: Michael Pramuk

At the heart of underwriting nonprofits, Michael tells us, is an internal drive to truly understand the substantial difference nonprofits are making — and to adapt to evolving needs in order to insure those services. In your experience, what stands out as the main difference in the way NIA approaches writing business compared to other […]