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Managing the Virtual Workforce

This webinar explores the virtual workplace and covers best practices for managing your nonprofit's full- and partial-remote workers.

Essential Elements of a Fleet Safety Program

This webinar will cover the essential elements of a vehicle safety program, including developing written policies and procedures and implementing a program that fits your organization’s needs.

Best Practices in Documenting Employment Matters

This webinar discusses best practices for documenting common employment decisions, such as disciplines, terminations, investigations, or responses to leave, and disability accommodation requests.

Top Nonprofit Employment Law Compliance Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

This webinar covers employment topics such as wage and hour compliance, administering leave laws, worker misclassification, disability accommodation, and supervisor training.

Developing a Risk-Aware Culture

This session will explore practical strategies for getting your team on board in support of a deep and lasting commitment to safety and mission-protection in your nonprofit.

When a Website is Discriminatory for Not Being Accessible

Inaccessible websites are increasingly being targeted as violations of disability accommodation laws. Is your nonprofit's website at risk?

Risk Management: Why It’s Important to Your Nonprofit

Risk management for nonprofits is not just about having adequate insurance; it is also about reducing the level of risk for the nonprofit, the staff, the volunteers, and the clients served by implementing effective policies and procedures.

Volunteers: A Risk Worth Taking — If You Manage Them Properly

Nonprofits rely on volunteers. Here's some tools and resources your nonprofit can adopt to help you effectively and safely manage your volunteer programs.

RiskBits: Using ‘Free’ Photos From the Internet Can Cause Legal Problems for Your Nonprofit

Using photos from the internet can cause problems for your nonprofit. Safer ways to source images. What to do if you get a demand letter.

Nonprofits Face Uncertainty with New CA Regulations for Background Checks

Recent changes to state privacy laws in California raise many questions and uncertainties for nonprofits' hiring and background check processes.

Contractual Liability: How Nonprofits Can Protect Themselves and Their Communities

In any negotiated agreement, each party should be liable for the things over which they have control. Before you sign a contract, do you review it with your insurance broker? Decision-makers at nonprofit organizations can better work with insurance brokers, identify potential problems with contracts, and navigate liability when signing a contract with local municipalities. […]

Smart Guide for Nonprofits: 4 Ways to Make Your Organization Safer During Wildfire Season

During wildfire season, things can be beyond your control, but here are four ways nonprofits can stay a little safer when things get hot.