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How One Nonprofit Made Therapy a Day at the Beach

A Walk on Water provides kids with special needs transformative experiences in the ocean. Meet the 26,000th nonprofit to be insured by NIA.

A Mission of Mobility: How One NIA Member Got People Moving

Meet Don Schoendorfer of Free Wheelchair Mission, a biomedical engineer who's made it his mission to provide mobility for those who need it most.

When This Nonprofit Faced a Crisis, NIA Was Ready to Help

When time was running out for one nonprofit, NIA staff leapt into action to make sure they had the coverage needed in time to go on.

Meet NIA’s 25,000th Member: FOBT Pipeline

Fruit of Barren Trees (FOBT) Pipeline of Jacksonville, Florida is the 26,000th nonprofit to get their insurance coverage from NIA.

NIA Welcomes Live Zero Waste as 26,000th Member

NIA is pleased to provide insurance to organizations that work to protect the environment. Live Zero Waste is our 26,000th member.

Alta California Regional Center: Helping People with Developmental Disabilities Thrive

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) & Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) have something in common: Helping thousands meet their mission.

NIA Helps Teen Success Empower Young Mothers

One story of how Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) member Teen Success is helping young mothers succeed.

Helping 5Cities Homeless Coalition Keep San Luis Obispo County Housed

When a small housing agency faced financial challenges due to changes in their funding, the NIAC Loan Fund helped them adapt and continue serving their community.

Oak Grove Center CEO on Supporting Students During COVID-19 School Shutdown

When COVID-19 closed schools, this nonprofit had to help keep resident students busy, engaged in their therapies, and distance learning.

Get to Know the Organization for Bat Conservation

Organization for Bat Conservation founder Rob Mies has dedicated his career to bat protection and conservation efforts.