Blue Avocado Recap: May 2024

How can nonprofits can support staff that double as caregivers? Show how working with your nonprofit benefits everyone. What are the benefits of adopting culturally responsive leadership practices? Learn how investing in your people can advance your mission.

a woman working on a laptop and talking on the phone on a sofa next to a boy looking at a tablet

Supporting Caregiver Employees in the Nonprofit Sector

With more workers than ever doubling as caregivers, nonprofits must find new, caring ways to support them in the workplace.

a man holding a megaphone and a bouquet of conversation bubbles

8 Easy Ways to Grab More Attention for Your Small Nonprofit

Getting what your nonprofit needs — funding, staff, and more — means showing how working with you can be a win-win.

a group of people standing with arms folded

The Critical Role of Cultural Responsiveness in Today’s Nonprofits

While culturally responsive leadership has usually been centered in education, its practices have value to the nonprofit sector as well.

an arm holding a scale with money one one side and a person on the other

Drive Your Nonprofit’s Mission by Investing in Your People

Nonprofits must advance their mission by valuing their employees’ worth through fair compensation and benefits and by celebrating their work.

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