Risk Management Resources for Smaller Nonprofits

A curated list for small nonprofits.

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Here are some of the free and discounted risk management resources from NIA that are especially helpful for smaller nonprofits. But, all NIA-insured nonprofits can use them!

  • PurchasingPoint®: This free service helps your nonprofit save money on the products and services you are probably buying anyway.
  • BOARDnetWORK: This free online tool helps your board members communicate, organize documents and records, and more.
  • My Risk Management Plan: This free program allows you to create a customized risk management plan.
  • Screening Services: With significant discounts on screening services, your nonprofit can save money on background checks on potential volunteers and employees.

Learn more about how each of these resources benefit small nonprofits below.


When you’re a small nonprofit, every dollar counts. So, when there’s a product or service you have to buy, be sure to check PurchasingPoint® first — otherwise you could be overpaying!

PurchasingPoint® is an online marketplace for the nonprofit community, where you can find deep discounts for many of the everyday products and services that all nonprofits — large and small — need, including:

  • Office supplies
  • Food
  • Shipping
  • Maintenance/repairs
  • And more

The best part? When you have insurance from NIA, you get access to PurchasingPoint® for free!


For a small nonprofit, navigating your relationship with your board of directors can be tricky. Your mission counts on everyone staying in the loop and working effectively together.

Whether your nonprofit is big or small, BOARDnetWORK is a great tool for creating an informed, efficient, and professional board — one of the best advantages any organization can have.

BOARDnetWORK is a web-based communication tool, designed to be a flexible and easy-to-use way for your nonprofit’s board members to:

  • Communicate quickly
  • Approve timely documents
  • Maintain records in one place
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Stay informed of important dates
  • Meet compliance goals
  • And more

This is another valuable resource that your nonprofit can access free of charge — just by getting your insurance from NIA!

My Risk Management Plan

For a small nonprofit, especially if you’re a nonprofit novice, it can be overwhelming to suddenly be expected to develop an effective risk management plan. If you don’t have a plan, or need help learning how to make one, My Risk Management Plan is a great tool to help you get started.

My Risk Management Plan is a web-based program that enables you to create a customized risk management plan that focuses on what’s relevant to your nonprofit, your people, and your mission.

  • Create a new plan, or modify an existing one
  • Use a template — or draft your own
  • Choose the plan elements that apply to you
  • Expand, revise, or rewrite your plan at any time
  • And more

Access to this free resource comes included with your active NIA insurance!

Screening Services

Whether they’re volunteers or employees, when your nonprofit is looking to bring someone new on board, using IntelliCorp’s screening services can help you be sure their history does not conflict with the requirements of their role. 

Your NIA insurance gets you exclusive discounts on access to IntelliCorp’s secure and online background check and screening services, enabling you to:

  • Hire reliable people you can trust
  • Discover criminal records
  • Verify identities for potential hires
  • Get drug testing results quickly
  • Check driving records

More Resources

The resources above apply to most smaller nonprofits, but one size does not fit all! NIA has a number of other free and discounted risk management services that may fit your nonprofit’s specific needs. Make sure you take the time to review them all.