Blue Avocado Recap: June 2024

Learn how long-held misconceptions about food insecurity impede paths to food security. Avoid the common pitfalls of nonprofit rebrands. Find out how good board governance is key to a healthy nonprofit. Four ways your nonprofit’s CFO can help properly administer grants.

a person shopping in a grocery store with a cart

The Realities of Living with Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is not an abstract: Our friends, neighbors, and communities are struggling to thrive.

a person drawing the logo for a rebrand

Five Steps to Achieving a Successful Nonprofit Rebrand

Nonprofit rebrands are tricky. Your new name should represent both your work and the change you seek to create.

a red paper airplane pointing up out of scribbled marks

When a New Nonprofit Board Can Be a Fresh Start

How one nonprofit moved forward when the only solution to a dysfunctional board was a brand-new one.

isometric illustration of people working on a laptop computer with graphs

Your Nonprofit Got its Grant — Now What?

Getting a grant isn’t just a handshake and a check — they can come with many conditions. Is your CFO ready?

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