From the Claims Files: Accidental Death

If someone dies while in your nonprofit’s care — and it’s not due to natural causes — the consequences can be devastating, public, and permanent.

From the Claims Files: Slip-and-Fall Incidents 

What are you going to do when someone slips and falls at your nonprofit, then sues you?

RiskBits: Poor Documentation Predicts Poor Outcomes

If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen. Maintaining accurate, thorough, and consistent records of your nonprofit’s practices and procedures — and tracking your adherence to them — is a major component of a strong risk management plan that can help protect you from future claims of wrongdoing.

When a Website is Discriminatory for Not Being Accessible

Inaccessible websites are increasingly being targeted as violations of disability accommodation laws. Is your nonprofit's website at risk?

RiskBits: Scammers Hope to Hook You with Phishing — Don’t Take the Bait

Prepare to shield your nonprofit from a cyber event more than 2,000 times today — because that’s how often hackers attack.

Claims Stories: Woeful Website Wording

Without clear language on your website and other materials, individuals in the general public may misconstrue what it is your nonprofit does.

Don’t Let Water Damage Run Your Nonprofit up a Creek!

Whether your nonprofit owns or rents its property, water damage can be expensive and even catastrophic if not covered by your insurance policy.

Nonprofits: Why Words Matter with Independent Contractors

Did you know that the actions or inactions of an independent contractor could potentially put your nonprofit at risk

Claims That Could Have Been Avoided: The Ill Effects of Poor Communication

How poor or absent communication at your nonprofit can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

Claims Stories: Surveillance Cameras

When it comes to claims, the use of surveillance cameras can make or break a case depending upon how, when and where they’re used.

Claims You Won’t Believe: A Fourth of July Extravaganza!

Nonprofits: Remember remember that there are certain risks involved to hosting events.