Blue Avocado Recap: January 2024

How nonprofits can remain committed to equity in a post-affirmative action world. A tale of governance nightmares — with ideas for how to overcome them. Some tips for nonprofits to consider when planning to discipline or terminate an employee. How an advisory committee can benefit your nonprofit. Plus, some guidance for the grant application process.

illustration of a diverse group of people

The Big Chill: Why Nonprofits Should Care about Affirmative Action

How nonprofits can remain committed to supporting the health, economic security, and well-being of historically marginalized communities — even after the end of affirmative action.

illustration of an organizational chart with people and the world at the center

A Cautionary Tale: Overcoming Governance Nightmares in Nonprofit Organizations

Six lessons learned from a bad board experience can help your nonprofit set expectations and avoid a laundry list of problems.

a sad woman looking at a box of office belongings while coworkers look on

Ask Rita in HR: Should Murphy’s Law Be a Consideration in Making HR Decisions?

Some factors to keep in mind when your nonprofit needs to discipline or terminate an employee.

business professionals talking around a table

Empowering Community Voices: The Strategic Advantage of Nonprofit Advisory Committees

An inclusive and engaged advisory committee has the potential to increase the quality, reach, and overall impact of your nonprofit’s work on a consistent basis.

illustration of people adding large coins to a pile of growing coins

Grant Management Series: Involving Your CFO Throughout The Grant Application Process

Learn how your CFO can contribute to a successful grant application — and the administrative processes that follow.

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