RiskBits: Poor Documentation Predicts Poor Outcomes

If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen. Maintaining accurate, thorough, and consistent records of your nonprofit’s practices and procedures — and tracking your adherence to them — is a major component of a strong risk management plan that can help protect you from future claims of wrongdoing.

RiskBits: Scammers Hope to Hook You with Phishing — Don’t Take the Bait

Prepare to shield your nonprofit from a cyber event more than 2,000 times today — because that’s how often hackers attack.

Volunteers: A Risk Worth Taking — If You Manage Them Properly

Nonprofits rely on volunteers. Here's some tools and resources your nonprofit can adopt to help you effectively and safely manage your volunteer programs.

RiskBits: Using ‘Free’ Photos From the Internet Can Cause Legal Problems for Your Nonprofit

Using photos from the internet can cause problems for your nonprofit. Safer ways to source images. What to do if you get a demand letter.