What Nonprofit Managers Need To Know About Lawsuits E-Book

This free e-book is designed to help nonprofit managers, board members and nonprofit staff to be better informed about the litigation process.

Surviving a Crisis: Practical Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations E-Book

This free e-book helps you assess current preparedness and includes tips on how to make sure your nonprofit is prepared to respond in the event of a crisis.

Sound Advice for Functions and Events: Tips for Staging Safer Special Events E-Book

This free e-book addresses risk management challenges of special events, including appropriate use of additional insureds, insurance certificates, waivers, and hold harmless agreements.

Sexual Abuse Prevention for Children and Teens E-Book

This free e-book helps nonprofit organizations make it clear to all that supervision of children and teens never includes sex.

Nonprofit Directors and Officers: Key Facts About Insurance and Legal Liability E-Book

Free e-book summarizes the responsibilities of board members, reviews laws affecting nonprofit directors and officers, and more.

Managing Volunteers: Balancing Risk and Reward E-Book

Free e-book helps nonprofit organizations better manage their volunteers, volunteer recruitment, screening and selection, training & more.

Managing Collaboration Risks: Partnering with Confidence and Success E-Book

Free e-book includes information to help nonprofit organizations better manage collaboration risks.

Arrive Safe and Sound: Tips to Help Your Nonprofit’s Vehicle Safety Program E-Book

This free e-book helps nonprofit managers establish policies and procedures for the safe use of vehicles in a nonprofit organization.