Nonprofits OWN


Having insurance is good. Having the right insurance is much better.

Nonprofits have specialized insurance needs.

Every nonprofit is unique. Whether you work with vulnerable populations, rely on volunteers, put on fundraising events, transport the elderly, employ social workers, or other activities, your insurance needs are very specific to your operations. Join our members, who rely on Nonprofits OWN enhanced liability to get the coverage they need.

Nonprofits need stable pricing.

The majority of nonprofits operate on small or restricted budgets. For most, a sudden spike in their premiums would be a financial hardship. Since our beginning—and the reason for our founding—the Nonprofit Insurance Alliance Group has been committed to stable pricing. Our members enjoy peace of mind, knowing they won’t be surprised by large and unexpected pricing swings.

Why not go nonprofit all the way? Join us today!
To qualify for Group membership, your organization must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and must apply through an insurance broker. To inquire about whether your broker is authorized to work with us, please email us or call (800) 359-6422, ext. 6041.

If you would like an immediate referral to an insurance broker who works in your area, proceed to Get a Quote,or, to receive information via mail, email us to request an information packet to be sent via mail.