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To Our Valued Brokers and Agents:

As a broker representing nonprofits, you have a unique responsibility. 501(c)(3) organizations support the education, economic stability, artistic development, health and wellness, and animal and environmental stewardship in our communities.

Pamela Davis 2022

Pamela E. Davis
Founder, President, and CEO
Nonprofits Insurance Alliance

At a time when commercial insurers are unable or unwilling to provide the coverages nonprofits need to operate, you have chosen to marshal your resources and talent to support the work of charitable organizations by connecting them to the best insurer possible.

In a hardening market, you’ve chosen the difficult work of finding the right insurance for your nonprofit clients, so that they can continue to feed, clothe, and shelter—as well as inspire, enlighten, and empower—the most vulnerable populations of our communities.

Your unique responsibility is accompanied by unique challenges. NIA has created this package to help you place your clients with an insurer who understands nonprofit risks, provides fair and equitable pricing, and has a vested interest in helping you
achieve your organizational goals. After all, with high ideals for yourselves, it’s only reasonable that your standards for your partners are equally high.

When insurers under the NIA brand formed 30+ years ago, we were successful due in no small part to the dedicated work of small, independent brokers who believed in our potential, loved the work of their clients—and loved working with us!
Now, through the realization of our mission, we’ve also earned the confidence and trust of midsized and large agencies.

These tools are a result of cultivating long respected and appreciated relationships with brokers like you.

  • In Working with Us, you’ll find everything you need to conduct business with us smoothly and efficiently.
  • Our Coverages highlights our NONPROFITS OWN® insurance policies that we’ve created especially for nonprofits and their specialized needs and unique budgets.
  • For Nonprofits equips you with sales tools for your clients. We highlight our terrific risk management resources, free and discounted services, our loan fund for California members, and our grant fund for risk management projects. Our member services are a great example of how we support the health and sustainability of nonprofits.
  • Finally, read and share the Overview section to learn more about our 30+ year history, financial highlights, and affiliations, as well as our solutions to the unique risks facing the nonprofit sector.

NIA is the nation’s leading insurer exclusively serving the nonprofit sector. We insure 26,000+ nonprofits, and our retention rate averages 95%. We are the insurer of choice for nonprofits due to our financial strength, member services, and enduring commitment to the 501(c)(3) sector.

All insurers in the NIA group brand are 501(c)(3) nonprofits with an AM Best Rating of A (Excellent), so you can rest assured you are working with a well-regarded insurer. For over three decades, we’ve been in the business of ensuring the success of nonprofits and brokerages. We look forward to continuing that legacy with you.

Your questions answered.

Great job on making it this far. Have some final questions? Here are the top questions NIA hears from brokers. There’s more where this came from, too.

Yes! In fact, NIA writes many organizations that are just starting out.

Just confirm you’ve applied for your organization’s 501(c)(3) status by submitting to NIA a copy of your completed application and proof of payment to the IRS.

Note: You will be required to have your 501(c)(3) status within one year of purchasing coverage.

Yes. Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) is conservatively reinsured by a group of highly rated reinsurers.

Go to the Claims page to report a claim.

There are many different types of nonprofit organizations, but only federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofits qualify for membership with Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA).

NIA insures many types of nonprofits. Find out more about NIA’s appetite.

If you’ve got a brand-new nonprofit, or if you’re thinking about starting one and just doing research for your budget, you may be interested in the minimum annual premiums for all the insurance coverage that NIA offers.

Your insurance quote will most likely differ, as your premium will be entirely defined by your nonprofit’s own level of risk.

Note: These minimum numbers are provided for informational purposes only.