Brokers: Benefits NIA Offers You and Your Nonprofit Clients

Brokers like you are the key to NIA’s mission.

Providing high-quality, affordable liability and property insurance coverage to 501(c)(3) organizations is the central purpose of Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) — but none of that would be possible without brokers like you.

So what does working with NIA mean for you?

When you partner with NIA to find the best coverages for your nonprofit clients, you get quick turnaround times, streamlined processes, and a dedicated, responsive team.

You get knowledgeable underwriters, with the expertise to answer any concerns regarding your clients’ unique operations.

And above all else, you get policies that are meticulously crafted to the specialized needs of your clients — so that they continue to renew.

Thank you, brokers.

At a time when commercial insurers are unable or unwilling to provide the coverages nonprofits need to operate, you’ve chosen to marshal your resources and talent to support the work of charitable organizations by connecting them to the best insurer possible.

Thank you.

NIA knows how busy you are. That’s why NIA is continually streamlining its processes to save you time and make working together as easy as possible.

Two volunteers work together in the garden at Food First in Oakland, CA.

Insured by NIA:
Food First
Oakland, CA

Easy for you, excellent for your clients.

Your time is valuable. That’s why NIA has streamlined the brokerage process to make it easier and save you time.

NIA offers you a secure 24/7 website for information exchange.

Your nonprofit clients get quality coverages, as well as access to free and discounted risk management services.

A man with a flag patch on his sleeve holds a lamb in a barn

Insured by NIA:
Farmer Veteran Coalition
Waco, TX

Competitive commissions.

NIA is a risk retention group (RRG), and yes — RRGs do provide commissions! They’re fair. Everyone deserves fairness.

Using NIA’s quick and easy Electronic Funds Transfer enables you to effortlessly grow your business by setting up automatic bi-monthly commission payments.

A group of people in native attire march across a bridge in New York

Insured by NIA:
Antinanco Earth Arts School
Holmdel, NJ

A 95% renewal rate with auto-renewal.

NIA insureds have a 95% renewal rate. That means less work for you at renewal time — and more stability for your book of business.

No claims? 30 days in advance of expiration, accounts under $26,000 in premium will auto-renew. Easy!

A hospital patient and a hospital worker celebrate with arms raised

Insured by NIA:
Children’s Cancer Association
Portland, OR

A dedicated Broker Services team.

NIA has a dedicated Broker Services team to make doing business simple and convenient — whether you’ve had little experience with nonprofits or have worked with them for years.

The Broker Services team is available to answer any questions you may have about NIA, the nonprofit sector, available coverages, programs, and resources for your clients, and more.

A man and a boy in wetsuits float on a surfboard near a pier

Insured by NIA:
Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County
San Diego, CA

NIA supports your clients.

When you’re focused on creating new business, it’s not always possible to dedicate time to provide support to nonprofits.

NIA helps you with that, by offering your clients thousands of dollars’ worth of free and discounted risk management services.

Many nonprofits find that, by using these services, they’ve saved so much money on their everyday expenses that their insurance premiums often pay for themselves!

Two women tending plants in a nursery

Insured by NIA:
Transitions-Mental Health Association
San Luis Obispo, CA

Fair and equitable pricing.

Ever have clients that are unhappy because their premiums seem to constantly change?

NIA’s rates don’t fluctuate dramatically, because pricing is based on your client organization’s risk level — not insurance market trends.

Two women siting next to each other and smiling at each other

Insured by NIA:
Maryland Inclusive Housing
Silver Spring, MD

Broker training.

NIA’s broker training helps you and your associates learn the unique needs of the nonprofit sector, so you can best serve your clients.

Learn everything you need to know about doing business with NIA, including the coverages NIA offers, which nonprofits NIA writes, submission requirements, underwriting service standards, claims handling, and more.

Children in a classroom enjoy working on laptops at Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove, CA

Insured by NIA:
Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove
Garden Grove, CA

Easy access to what you need.

NIA’s easy-to-use web portal gives you quick access to:

  • Policy documents
  • Quotes and renewals
  • Claim information
  • Billing
  • Loss runs
  • Coverage marketplace
  • And more
A boy using a walker carries a bunch of balloons

Insured by NIA:
Shady Cove, OR

Proactive claims handling.

NIA’s claims approach is to look for ways to cover claims within our policy, not for ways to decline them. If liability is clear when a claim is presented, NIA investigates to quantify the damages and pays the claim promptly.

If liability is uncertain, NIA investigates thoroughly and works to resolve the claim in a manner that is both conscientious and practical. NIA takes very seriously the trust nonprofits place in us to protect them.

Two girls pose in a barn with a goat

Insured by NIA:
Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge
Pittsboro, NC

Terrence Bedford
David Kulawiak
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What brokers are saying:

“Nonprofits Insurance Alliance is one of the best insurance companies for nonprofits.

They offer excellent coverage, provide all the resources nonprofits need to manage risk, and they make it easy for me to provide excellent service to my customers.”

WAFD Insurance Group Terrence Bedford, ARM, AAI

“Nonprofits Insurance Alliance is nothing short of remarkable when it comes to risk management for the nonprofit sector. I have always worked in the nonprofit sector and when I discovered NIA they became my go to resource for servicing my nonprofit clients.

Superior coverage at the most competitive price point.”

David M. Kulawiak, Inc. Risk Management Specialists David Kulawiak, President

Your questions answered.

Great job on making it this far. Have some final questions? Here are the top questions NIA hears from brokers. There’s more where this came from, too.

Yes! In fact, NIA writes many organizations that are just starting out.

Just confirm you’ve applied for your organization’s 501(c)(3) status by submitting to NIA a copy of your completed application and proof of payment to the IRS.

Note: You will be required to have your 501(c)(3) status within one year of purchasing coverage.

Yes. Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) is conservatively reinsured by a group of highly rated reinsurers.

Go to the Claims page to report a claim.

There are many different types of nonprofit organizations, but only federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofits qualify for membership with Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA).

NIA insures many types of nonprofits. Find out more about NIA’s appetite.

If you’ve got a brand-new nonprofit, or if you’re thinking about starting one and just doing research for your budget, you may be interested in the minimum annual premiums for all the insurance coverage that NIA offers.

Your insurance quote will most likely differ, as your premium will be entirely defined by your nonprofit’s own level of risk.

Note: These minimum numbers are provided for informational purposes only.