Blue Avocado Recap: October 2023

Balancing creativity with structure. Infusing your board with new perspectives. Measuring nonprofit ROI. Making your fundraising more fun and effective. Making DEI actionable.

an illustration of a woman on a bar chart holding a flag in the air

A 5 Ways Nonprofits Can Balance Creativity With Structure

Learn how balancing creativity with structure can help your nonprofit foster innovation — without compromising your mission and goals.

illustration of a group of young adults in front of a meeting table

How to Persuade a New Generation to Join Your Nonprofit’s Board

Highlighting the personal and professional benefits of serving on your nonprofit’s board can help you make the role more appealing to younger candidates.

an illustration of a man with outstretched arms with a light bulb and dollar sign over each hand

Nonprofit ROI: How “Measuring the Good” Can Help Nonprofits Justify Investments

Expanding what “return on investment” means to your nonprofit — beyond just money — can help provide a clearer idea of how you’re helping your community and serving your mission goals.

Three people standing on flying dollar bills

9 Principles to Make Your Nonprofit Fundraising Effective — and Fun!

Raising funds for your nonprofit doesn’t have to be stressful. Learn how one California nonprofit proved that, when done thoughtfully and collaboratively, fundraising can be successful and enjoyable.

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