Blue Avocado Recap: March 2024

How can nonprofit leaders avoid burnout? How can a nonprofit prepare to move beyond their founder? Tips for reviewing your nonprofit’s grant prospects. Tools to strategize and operationalize racial justice at your nonprofit.

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Preparing Your Nonprofit to Move Beyond the Founder

Sometimes, the continued growth and success of a nonprofit means the founder must recognize when the time is right to step aside and trust others to guide the organization and its mission.

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Nonprofit Fundraising: Are You Choosing the Right Grants?

Grants are an important source of funds for nonprofits, but some may come with strings attached that can create more headaches than positives for your organization. A strategic approach can help you be sure you’re applying for the grants that best meet your needs.

illustration of diverse group of people of color

Using Philanthropy to Address Racial Harm and Inequity

Learn how the United Way of Greater Los Angeles (UWGLA) is using racial justice to inform their grantmaking efforts, and how other philanthropic organizations can help work to undo the legacies of harm inflicted upon communities of color.

a person sitting at a table with a laptop with hands clasped above their head.

How can nonprofit leaders avoid burnout?

Leading a nonprofit can be an isolating and exhausting experience, so preventing burnout is key to an organization’s long-term success.

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