Blue Avocado Recap: February 2024

How your nonprofit can create an effective, accountable board of directors. Best practices for small ways your nonprofit can lead great change in your community. Some tips for using the lessons of the past to build a strong future for your nonprofit. Plus, an exploration of how nonprofits can use the courtroom to advocate for important issues.

a group of business professionals talk around a meeting table

Five Lessons for Creating an Effective (and Accountable) Nonprofit Board

Help your board members avoid dysfunction and clearly understand their roles in supporting your nonprofit’s success.

an illustration of a light bulb with a man popping out of it looking through binoculars

How Lessons Learned From Fighting Food Insecurity Can Help Your Nonprofit

Six best practices for small ways your nonprofit can lead great change in your community — and discover resources and tools you didn’t know were there all along.

a man looking at a sign with future, present, past on it

Can Nonprofits Look to the Past to Build the Future?

Nonprofits may be surprised to find that their communities have already implemented the kind of innovative, collaborative programming that their leadership — and funders — are looking for.

a close-up of a scales of justice statue

Litigating a Path to Progress: Nonprofit Advocacy through the Courts

Legislative inaction at the state and federal level has seen nonprofits moving toward using litigation as a normative standard in advancing their advocacy campaigns like never before.

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