Blue Avocado Recap: August 2023

The Matrix Map reloaded. Managing remote workers. Getting the most out of feedback. Collective leadership. Here’s a recap of what’s been happening over at Blue Avocado.

a person sitting on a balance beam with a dollar sign, heart, and light bulb

The Expanded Matrix Map: Leveraging Your Triple Bottom Line for Fundraising

In today’s changing world, adding organizational values into the Matrix Map is crucial for nonprofits to demonstrate the impact of funding.

illustration of a person's hands on a laptop with graphics representing remote workers and a desktop

Navigating the Challenges of Managing Hybrid Work Teams

Remote work is the new normal. Be sure your nonprofit’s managers and executives are equipped to successfully lead remote & hybrid work teams.

Illustration of a group of business people with symbols above them representing feedback

Using Feedback to Create Community-Centered Services

Getting feedback from those that you serve — and not assuming you know what they need — can help your nonprofit serve your community.

Illustration of a group of business people lifting a green arrow

Collective Leadership in Nonprofits

In this candid account, the author reveals their personal trials and triumphs, spotlighting invaluable lessons that every board member can benefit from.

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