Protecting Your Community From Impacts of the Climate Crisis

As climate change brings about more extreme weather patterns, nonprofits need to prepare to help one another in times of severe heat or cold.

RiskBits: Poor Documentation Predicts Poor Outcomes

If it’s not documented, it didn’t happen. Maintaining accurate, thorough, and consistent records of your nonprofit’s practices and procedures — and tracking your adherence to them — is a major component of a strong risk management plan that can help protect you from future claims of wrongdoing.

When a Website is Discriminatory for Not Being Accessible

Inaccessible websites are increasingly being targeted as violations of disability accommodation laws. Is your nonprofit's website at risk?

Volunteers: A Risk Worth Taking — If You Manage Them Properly

Nonprofits rely on volunteers. Here's some tools and resources your nonprofit can adopt to help you effectively and safely manage your volunteer programs.

RiskBits: Using ‘Free’ Photos From the Internet Can Cause Legal Problems for Your Nonprofit

Using photos from the internet can cause problems for your nonprofit. Safer ways to source images. What to do if you get a demand letter.

Expanding the California Family Rights Act Effective January 2021

The signing of SB 1383 results in changes to the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) affecting nonprofit employees.

Handling Terminations of Employment

How employers handle the employment relationship, start to finish, can either set up lengthy and costly litigation, or an uneventful farewell.

Accommodating Mental Health in the Workplace

Workplace accommodations typically focus on physical, apparent disabilities, but the need to address mental health has expanded this focus.

Employees with Disabilities and the Americans with Disabilities Act

It is important to be ready when an employee discloses a medical condition, physical or mental, that is causing them difficulties at work.

What You Need to Know About Retaliation Claims

The EEOC tells us that in order to establish a claim of retaliation, employees need to show three things.