2022 Nonprofit Photo Contest Winners

Over 650 nonprofits submitted photos. Here are the winners.

This year’s photo contest theme was Making a Better World, and we want to thank the more than 650 nonprofits in 36 states who participated — and generated more than 19,000 votes! You are truly making a better world!

A collage of photos from the 2022 photo contest. All photos are available on the linked page.|young girl standing assisted by straps with two people helping support her|two men standing in the background with a young child walking towards camera

Congratulations to the winners from nonprofits providing services for children, people with disabilities, seniors, animals, and more. (Winners were not required to be members of NIA.)

You can also view all of the contest entries.

two men standing in the background with a young child walking towards camera

Best of Show • $1000 winner

Family Builders by Adoption

Oakland, CA • www.familybuilders.org

Family Builders’ goal is that no child will leave the foster care system without a permanent, loving, and caring parent. They work to educate the community about the needs of waiting children, welcome LGBTQ+ families wishing to adopt, and advocate on the children’s behalf — all in the name of placing children with permanent, secure families through adoption and other forms of permanence.

In this photo, the Sandoval family looks forward to a bright future on Elian’s adoption day.

young girl standing assisted by straps with two people helping support her

Standing Ovation • $500 winner

NextStep Orlando, Inc.

Altamonte Springs, FL • https://nextstep-orlando.business.site

NextStep Orlando specializes in activity-based paralysis recovery and therapy — offering locomotor treadmill training, advanced neuromuscular electrical stimulation, guided exercises, and do-it-yourself gym activities. They are the only nonprofit paralysis recovery center in the Southeast to become an approved Community Fitness & Wellness Affiliate of the NeuroRecovery Network and are supported by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

In this photo, Memphis is working on standing and load bearing, while being supported by an overhead harness and with the help of her Activity-Based Trainers.

a dog with a cast on his hind leg is being held by a someone caring for him

Spotlight (1 of 10) • $100 winner

Dogwood Animal Rescue Project

Santa Rosa, CA • www.dogwoodanimalrescue.org

Dogwood Animal Rescue Project is a foster-based nonprofit rescue organization focused on the rescue and placement of animals into safe, nurturing homes. Their mostly volunteer team provides necessary medical care, ongoing spay/neuter clinics, hands-on nurturing, and placement of the homeless animals of Sonoma County and beyond.

In this photo, thanks to so many Dogwood supporters, Nick is on the road to recovery and will be adopted into a loving home in the coming weeks.

men in native costumes viewed from behind as they walk on a paved street toward the setting sun

Spotlight (2 of 10) • $100 winner

Amazon Watch

Oakland, CA • www.amazonwatch.org

Amazon Watch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the rainforest and advancing the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. They partner with Indigenous and environmental organizations in campaigns for human rights, corporate accountability, and the preservation of the Amazon’s ecological systems.

In this photo, Indigenous people in Brazil march in Brasília, the country’s capital, in defense of their constitutional rights.

a sculpture of a woman running on the beach made from pieces of plastic found on the beach, with sand and waves in the background

Spotlight (3 of 10) • $100 winner

Plastic Ocean Project

Wilmington, NC • www.plasticoceanproject.org

Plastic Ocean Project is dedicated to empowering individuals, communities, and corporations to end plastic pollution by providing educational opportunities through scientific research, engaging in outreach initiatives through art, and incubating sound solutions with industry and lawmakers to address the global plastic pollution problem and create a more sustainable future.

In this photo, an art exhibit made from plastic found on beaches, titled “Running Out of Time,” makes a powerful statement.

a woman in a hallway wraps a bandage on a man's leg who is visible in a doorway

Spotlight (4 of 10) • $100 winner

Chicago Street Medicine

Chicago, IL • www.chicagostreetmedicine.org

Chicago Street Medicine is an organization dedicated to creating a society where there is equitable access to health and well-being for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. Their mission is to support learner-fueled street medicine chapters throughout Chicago and to deliver healing to those who may not otherwise have access to it.

In this photo, a Chicago Street Medicine volunteer delivers wound care to a patient.

woman hugging a young child in an outdoor setting with other people in the background

Spotlight (5 of 10) • $100 winner

Bold Hope

Doylestown, PA • www.boldhope.org

Bold Hope provides ways for church groups, families, and other organizations to support developing nations. Through partnerships with international churches, pastors, and leaders, they provide ministry through mission trips and child sponsorship to various locations, including some in South America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

In this photo, a volunteer states, “I came on this mission trip with expectations to serve others. I feel like I have a servant’s heart, but they gave me back more than I could have ever given them. It’s a natural connection that Bold Hope offers you to get in and serve with everyone. I formed so many connections here in the Dominican Republic and I will be back here.”


Spotlight (6 of 10) • $100 winner

Black Surf Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA • www.blacksurfclubsantacruz.com

Black Surf Club Santa Cruz aims to create a community of healing for people of color in Santa Cruz by tearing down barriers that often lead to segregation in our oceans. Through a strategic focus on both physical and spiritual wellness, the organization empowers the Black community to reclaim their space in the ocean through surfing, water safety, and community.

In this photo, beginner surfers sharing joy and celebrating a party wave at one of Black Surf Santa Cruz’s Sunset Surf Pop-Up events.

young smiling boy holding a globe puzzle on his head

Spotlight (7 of 10) • $100 winner

Chrysalis House

Fresno, CA • www.chrysalishouse.com

Chrysalis House is a full-service, nonprofit adoption agency that provides adoption services to families in 26 counties throughout California. They provide education and support to women facing an unplanned pregnancy, as well as adoption planning if requested. Additionally, they offer programs for foster-to-adopt, domestic adoptions, and other adoption services upon request.

In this photo, adopting one child won’t change the world… but for that child, the world will change!

young actors grouped together on stage in native costumes

Spotlight (8 of 10) • $100 winner

Poison Apple Productions

Pittsburg, CA • www.poisonappleproductions.com

Poison Apple Productions is a family-run, volunteer-based theater company, offering a wide variety of performing arts experiences for youth and adults alike. Their award-winning programs are led by highly trained and vetted teaching artists and staff members, who enjoy sharing their passion for the performing arts with both participants and audiences.

In this photo, Poison Apple Productions performers sing “How Far I’ll Go?” during an August 2022 production of Moana.

several children dance and play in the bubbles being produced by a machine held by one child, with a woman in the background

Spotlight (9 of 10) • $100 winner

Bethany Arts Community

Ossining, NY • www.bethanyarts.org

Bethany Arts Community is a space and environment where all forms of art can be learned and expressed. Nurturing the creative process, Bethany welcomes artists, from young to old, and all levels of skill, to explore and create art that the community can engage with. Bethany fosters sharing, connection, and collaboration, in an inclusive culture where people experience the power of art to improve lives and deepen their perceptions and perspectives of the world.

In this photo, taken at Camp Weird (and Wonderful!) in summer 2022, kids enjoy the emergent playfulness of camp at Bethany, and share in the power of bubbles to make a better day and, in turn, make a better world. Photo by Camp Director and BAC Fellow Cherie Lee.

teenage musicians holding their stringed instruments jump for joy in a grassy area near the water's edge

Spotlight (10 of 10) • $100 winner

Redfish Music Festival

Port Orford, OR • www.redfishmusicfestival.com

The Redfish Music Festival is dedicated to bringing quality classical music to the south coast region of Oregon, with concerts throughout the year and culminating in a weeklong music festival that includes public concerts and an intensive week of classical music training for students studying the violin, viola, and cello.

In this photo, Kids having fun while making music at the Redfish Music Festival. Photo by Dennis Oda.