Providing Solace for Neglected Children: How This Insurer of Nonprofits Stepped Up to Keep These Kids Safe and Covered

Established as one of the leaders in child welfare in Florida, the Children’s Home Society of Florida found partnership in having NIA as its insurance carrier.

Sun Ministries’ Struggle to Insure Across State Lines Illuminates a Wide-Ranging Issue for Nonprofit Organizations

Sun Ministries, a Missouri-based community service nonprofit, shares the difficulties it's faced securing property insurance in the communities it serves, an wide-ranging issue affecting nonprofits across the country.

When Insurance Wouldn’t Back This Mental Health Nonprofit, NIA Stood Up to Fill in the Gap

In part two of a series, Risk & Insurance reporter Emma Brenner explores how insurance coverage through NIA helped a mental health nonprofit in Oregon keep its doors open to the community it serves.

How NIA Helped One Nonprofit Circumvent the Gray Areas Most Insurers Avoid

Risk & Insurance profiles Anne Grady Services, and how partnering with NIA has helped them avoid overpaying for coverage, maintain the level of community services provided, and ensure stable employment and benefits for their employees.

Nonprofits Serve a Crucial Function and NIA is Dedicated to Keeping Them Covered

Risk & Insurance has partnered with NIA for a series focusing on how nonprofits struggle to find coverage in the commercial insurance space.

Hey, Insurance Baby Boomer Planning to Retire: How About Joining the Fight Against Climate Change Instead?

NIA CEO Pamela Davis addresses baby boomers who feel their work is done and now it’s time to relax. Davis provides a call to action to do everything within our power, collectively, to reduce our carbon footprint and raise the alarm about the existential threat that is climate change.

19 Questions for Pamela Davis, CEO of Nonprofits Insurance Alliance

NIA CEO Pamela Davis sits down with Risk & Insurance® editor-in-chief Dan Reynolds to discuss the origins of Nonprofits Insurance Alliance and where it stands today.

Insurers, Take It from a Nonprofit Insurance Expert. Nonprofits Shouldn’t Be Expected to Function like For-Profits

Should nonprofits be operated like a business? NIA CEO Pamela Davis explores how nonprofits are fundamentally different than for-profits in their insurance and finance needs.