Report a Claim

Claims Reporting Procedure for ANI/NIAC Members:

To report EMERGENCY claims during non-business hours, call 866-718-1947.

If you have had any incident, contact your broker and have them file a claim using the Acord Claim Form by email to

Claims Reporting Procedure for ANI/NIAC Brokers:

All new claims must be reported by the broker on an ACORD Loss Notice form as indicated below:

  • Business Auto claims should be reported on an Automobile ACORD loss notice.
  • General Liability claims should be reported on a General Liability ACORD loss notice.
  • Specialty lines claims (Improper Sexual Conduct, Social Service Professional and Directors and Officers) should be reported on the General Liability ACORD loss notice.
  • Property claims should be reported on the Property ACORD loss notice.

Using one of these ACORD Loss Notice forms, complete as much information as you have and send it, with any attachments provided to you by the insured to the following email:

For Information about an existing claim, please log into our secure website. Most of the information requests we receive by phone and email are for information about claims that is readily available on our secure website 24/7. Claim number, date of loss, adjuster name, short description, and even some detailed information such as vehicle involved (if applicable). The secure page also lists reserves and payments made. Check it out today!

Brokers may download a one page PDF instruction sheet for accessing claims information on our secure website here.

ACORD Forms must be filled out by the broker and emailed to us:

Member-Insured Forms

Incident Report Form

Collision Report Form

Claims Instructions for ANI/NIAC Member-Insureds

Broker Forms

GL ACORD Loss Notice

Auto ACORD Loss Notice

Property ACORD Loss Notice

Note: Even if you are sending in an incident or accident for reporting purposes only, you still need to send a completed Loss ACORD.