Nonprofits May Begin Claiming Renewable Energy Tax Credits

Nonprofit organizations can now begin claiming renewable energy tax credits enacted as part of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Protecting Your Community From Impacts of the Climate Crisis

As climate change brings about more extreme weather patterns, nonprofits need to prepare to help one another in times of severe heat or cold.

How Can Nonprofits Help With Climate Change?

In the latest article on Blue Avocado, Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Founder, President and CEO Pamela Davis proposes that nonprofits already possess the community-benefit approach necessary for our economic system to provide the systemic change in consciousness necessary to address climate change

The First Insurance Company to Divest of Fossil Fuel Investments

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance was the first insurance company to divest itself of fossil fuel-related investments in 2016. Ultimately, the claim of being first doesn't matter. What matters is doing the right thing now. We hope other insurers follow the example and approach climate change as the existential crisis it is.

Then & Now: How a University Thesis Became a Force For Good For Nonprofits

35 years ago, I wrote a thesis that changed my life and helped many nonprofits. It also has implications for the current insurance crisis.

Ending Structural Racism Begins with Understanding

The only way to move to a place of true equality will be by making racial equity a priority in all interactions and business decisions.