Benefits of Membership

Smart Services Reduce Claims, Save Our Members Money

Last year, our programs trained 6,641 nonprofit employees and volunteers in risk management principles and practices. Overall, by using our services, we saved our members $2.5 million.

Beyond Insurance

We believe that risk management is the cornerstone of accountability in any organization. Programs such as volunteer management, safety procedures, and staff training help our members avoid injury—and most are free of charge.

We are all about your safety, including the safety of your staff, your volunteers, and those you serve in your community. That’s why our services go beyond insurance. We are here to help you manage your volunteer program, plan a safe fundraising event, and give you tools and training to prevent bad things from happening.

Risk management services save our members millions of dollars, providing safety education, staff and volunteer training, loss control consulting, labor and employment support, and much more.

Reduce your risk with our free services!

One of the most effective ways to avoid a liability event is to have effective policies and procedures in place that protect your resources—your people and your property. Members may use our free Risk Management Planning tool and prevent a claim before it happens.