What’s Wrong with Hiring a Family Member to Work Under the Supervision of Another Family Member?

To answer that question, let’s take an example: A social service nonprofit has a very talented manager who has been with the nonprofit for several years. The manager supervises approximately 10 staff members, most of whom have at least three years of experience in this field and a master’s degree in social work. The number […]

Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment Through Leadership

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC): “Harassment in the workplace will not stop on its own — it’s on all of us to be part of the fight to stop workplace harassment. We cannot be complacent bystanders and expect our workplace cultures to change themselves.” This truth cannot be overstated.  For 30 years, […]

Managing the Risks of Workplace Romances

Take action to ensure inter-office relationships are monitored and managed, especially if the work relationship outlives the romantic one.

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

It's time for nonprofits' leaders become more involved in eliminating and preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.

Changes to CA Marijuana Laws Leave Employers Unaffected

Despite new federal enforcement directives, the employers' right to maintain and enforce policies concerning marijuana use remains intact.

Does My Organization Really Need an Employee Handbook?

There is no law that requires an employer have handbooks for employees. But it’s having and using a well-drafted, comprehensive, and easy to understand handbook serves a number of legal, practical, and risk preventative purposes, and nonprofits are no exception.

EEOC Guidance on Mental Health Conditions and Accommodations in the Workplace

New guidance for employees with mental disabilities

Risk Alert: What You Need to Know About the New I-9 Form

It was announced on July 17, 2017, that a “newer” version of the I-9 has been published.

Post-Accident Drug Testing – It’s No Longer Automatic

As a result of a national directive, there is an increased, but significant risk in continuing the practice of conducting an automatic drug test after any work related accident.

Rest and Meal Breaks — Rest Means Rest, Not Work!

Employers should be careful to ensure employees are free to take rest breaks and are relieved of all work duties during those breaks.

Indemnification Agreements with Third Party Vendors or Nonprofit Program Funders

Many nonprofits contract with third party vendors to provide services essential to their operation as a business. These services run the gamut and typically include services such as janitorial, technological systems, building contractors, and transportation providers or something occasional like a bounce house provider for your fundraiser. A key to evaluating the risks of your nonprofit’s […]