Status Update on Federal COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Mandates

Updates to court cases revolving around COVID-19 testing and vaccine mandates as of January 7, 2022, and steps to prepare.

Granting Employees Time Off to Vote

Social distancing and COVID-19 will have an impact on the polls. What do nonprofit employers need to know about time off for voting?

California Nonprofits: Are Your Workers Independent Contractors after AB5?

California has new rules around what constitutes a contractor vs. an employee — is your organization affected?

3 Steps to Becoming an NIA Member

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) offers so many exceptional member resources that nonprofits often call to ask us whether they are members.

FLSA Overtime Exempt Salary Minimum Increases on January 1, 2020

What is the Fair Labor Standards Act, do it's updated rules apply to your nonprofit and should you act because of this change?

Federal Court Further Defines Requirements for FCRA Disclosure Notices

A recent case from the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals raises a criminal records check compliance issue for employers.

Case Law Updates to Independent Contractor Tests

California employers have been examining independent contract relationships to see if they run afoul of the new ABC classification test.

Changes to Independent Contractor Classification in California

Different employment laws have different definitions of “employee,” so it is possible to comply with one law but not another.

Background Checks and Ban the Box in California

Regarding criminal background checks and Ban the Box laws, employers need to review all laws in their jurisdiction and ensure compliance.

When #MeToo Comes to the Nonprofit Workplace

Sexual harassment is a serious issue and every nonprofit needs to do what it can to minimize the risk of these types of incidents occurring.

Claims You Won’t Believe: Contraception as Contraband

Nonprofits must understand the rules and laws of their jurisdiction concerning the right to reproductive health care for those in custodial care.

Overbroad Employee Confidentiality Agreements

Protecting your nonprofit's data is not always as simple as having your employees sign a broad confidentiality agreement.