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Setting the Record Straight on Child Services Renewals (ANI)

Another insurance company has been calling brokers to spread a false narrative.

NIA Appoints Carlos Ballesteros as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Treasurer

NIA appoints Carlos Ballesteros as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Treasurer

From the Claims Files: Accidental Death

If someone dies while in your nonprofit’s care — and it’s not due to natural causes — the consequences can be devastating, public, and permanent.

Managing a Remote Workforce

Remote employees offer nonprofits a number of advantages. Management of remote staff involves building trust and establishing effective remote work policies.

Blue Avocado Recap: June 2024

Learn how long-held misconceptions about food insecurity impede paths to food security. Avoid the common pitfalls of nonprofit rebrands. Find out how good board governance is key to a healthy nonprofit. Four ways your nonprofit's CFO can help properly administer grants.

Solutions: Reining In Rising Property Insurance Rates

There are many proposed ways to mitigate the property insurance cost crisis. They all require federal or state government to act.

Let’s Save the California Foster Family Agency System

NIAC will be forced to nonrenew 90% of the FFAs in California soon — unless immediate changes are made to the judicial process.

Blue Avocado Recap: May 2024

How can nonprofits can support staff that double as caregivers? Show how working with your nonprofit benefits everyone. What are the benefits of adopting culturally responsive leadership practices? Learn how investing in your people can advance your mission.

Modernizing NAIC’s Rate and Forms Filing System Could Revolutionize Insurance

NIA's Chris Reed and Damien Zillas propose adopting technology to modernize the NAIC's SERFF system.

Risk Management Resources for Smaller Nonprofits

Here are some of the free and discounted risk management resources from NIA that are particularly helpful for smaller nonprofits.

Blue Avocado Recap: April 2024

What your nonprofit's budget says about your priorities. Creating cultures of safety. Budgeting challenges and solutions. New paths to self-awareness.

From the Claims Files: Slip-and-Fall Incidents 

What are you going to do when someone slips and falls at your nonprofit, then sues you?