Cybersecurity Solutions for Nonprofits

Protect your nonprofit against phishing and other attacks.

Nonprofits insured by Nonprofits Insurance Alliance (NIA) get exclusive discounts on a suite of cybersecurity tools, training, and services through One Source.

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You’ve got information hackers want.

Your nonprofit handles a lot of sensitive data and information that hackers would just love to get their hands on, so your team needs to be ready to protect it from all manner of digital attack.

Cyberattacks can happen at any moment, so NIA has partnered with One Source Communications to bring your nonprofit exclusive discounts to a suite of powerful cybersecurity solutions.

Nonprofits aren’t immune to cyber crime.

Protect your nonprofit’s sensitive data and important information from hackers, phishing, and other forms of cyberattacks.

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Your people become your best defense.

Train your teams to spot phishing and other potential threats while reinforcing weak points your nonprofit’s network security.

Get discounts on cybersecurity tools and services including:

External Security Threat Assessment

Experts will point out areas in your nonprofit’s network vulnerable to cyber threats and recommend actions to strengthen your network against hackers. 

Cofense PhishMe™

Security education and awareness training designed to help your team learn to spot and report suspicious emails directly from their inbox. 

Cofense Triage™

One Source’s security analysts will rapidly investigate suspicious emails reported by your team, delivering results within minutes. 

Eligibility requirements:

These discounted resources are available to all nonprofits insured by NIA.

Not sure what coverage you have?
Contact your insurance broker directly, or the NIA Member Services team.

“We thank God for you! The insurance and all your other important services that are available to us have put us back on course.”

Joyce N.
Philomena House Corp.
Saint Paul, MN

How to access this resource:

Available only to nonprofits with active insurance policies with NIA.

If your nonprofit is already insured by NIA, and you’re ready to get started with vehicle cybersecurity solutions, login to the Secure NIA Member Portal, then navigate to Member Resources > Services > Cybersecurity Solutions.

If you have questions or need additional information about these services, contact NIA Member Services at 800-359-6422, ext. 1727, or email Member Services.

Need insurance coverage for your nonprofit?

This resource is only available to nonprofits insured by NIA.

All these resources are available to nonprofits insured by NIA.

Consulting services.

Risk management consulting services to help your nonprofit identify and mitigate key risks across your organization.


Discover risk management strategies, exclusive NIA member resources, and learn how new regulations and laws may affect your nonprofit.

My Risk Management Plan.

Online tools to help you create a risk management plan that reflects your organization’s unique needs, priorities, and culture.

Online board tool.

Help your nonprofit’s board function more efficiently and effectively with BOARDnetWORK, an easy-to-use, web-based communication tool.

Nonprofit risk management e-books.

Advice to help nonprofits in non-technical, easy to understand language, with case studies and sample forms.

Discount purchasing program.

Your nonprofit makes purchases every day. PurchasingPoint® can get you big discounts on many of those same products and services.

Abuse prevention resources.

Tools, training, and resources from Praesidium to help your nonprofit prevent abuse and protect the people you serve.

Employee handbook builder.

Create a reliable, up-to-date employee handbook with digital tools and support from BLR Employee Handbook Builder.

Harassment prevention training.

Meet state-mandated training standards with Emtrain’s online harassment prevention training courses for your supervisors.

Risk management reference library.

Access a free library of reference materials, sample forms, policies, and more — all designed specifically for nonprofits.

Screening services.

Streamline your nonprofit’s hiring process with secure online access to background check and screening services via IntelliCorp.

Driver training.

Free defensive driving courses to help keep your drivers safe on the roads while operating vehicles for your nonprofit.

Vehicle/Driver monitoring.

Improve driver behavior and promote safety with SafetyFirst vehicle and driver monitoring.

Vehicle telematics.

Get real-time insights on how your nonprofit’s drivers are behaving on the road with GPS tracking from NIA Telematics.

Compliance training.

Develop cultures of inclusion, ethics, and respect in your nonprofit through Emtrain’s compliance e-learning courses.

Emergency communication software.

Quickly take charge in an emergency or crisis situation with communication software designed to keep your people safe, informed, and connected.

Cybersecurity solutions.

Help your nonprofit prevent phishing and other cyberattacks with discounted cybersecurity solutions from One Source.