Non-Owned/Hired Auto

If your employees or volunteers use their own vehicles on company business, this coverage is highly recommended. The purpose of this policy is to provide liability coverage in excess of an individual employee’s or volunteer’s auto insurance. The coverage will be engaged if the organization is held liable for the employee’s or volunteer’s actions involving his or her vehicle and the limits of the individual’s personal auto insurance policy have been exhausted.

Enhanced Coverage of Non-Owned/Hired Auto Liability

Summaries of key features only. Actual policy language will differ.

  • Includes autos owned by your Employees and Volunteers
  • Low Minimum Premium
  • Hired Auto Physical Damage available subject to deductible – eliminates costly daily physical damage waivers charge by rental companies.

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Employee Driving His Own Car:

A nonprofit’s employee driving his own vehicle on agency business was involved in an at-fault, catastrophic collision. Unbeknownst to the agency, the employee’s personal auto coverage had lapsed. The agency’s non-owned coverage dropped down to become primary, as did the Umbrella policy excess of the non-owned. The full $2,000,000 in available limits were paid in a settlement which involved a structured annuity to take care of the injured claimant over his lifetime. No legal expenses were incurred.

Volunteer’s Coverage Not Enough:

A volunteer transporting a client to the nonprofit’s day care center ran a stop sign and was struck by a vehicle that had the right-of-way. The volunteer’s minimum limits of $15,000 were inadequate and the nonprofit’s non-owned coverage of $1,000,000 was excess of that. We paid an additional $185,000 to settle the claim.